It's the Friday Evening Thread

Might listen to every Beach Boys album

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Coors, would never illegally trade on the Neil Young name with a different lager

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and that my friend is why you are a gentleman and a scholar. Cheers to you!

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There’s a lot of bad stuff they did

This is not only extremely offside lyrically but sounds like he’s put the greatest hits in a blender
just realised this is a solo record, you’re safe

Beach Boys stuff would sound pretty good without all the singing

I’m fascinated by their crap stuff as well

cocaine’s a heck of a drug

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The true king of beers.

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Thank goodness that week’s over with. Seem to be going down with a cold now, though, which is both annoying and slightly mysterious as I’ve hardly left the house all week due to work being ridiculous.

Have treated myself to a sticky toffee pudding and custard, though, on the plus side

Being pulled in to work the weekend so going to get drunk and work hungover. Hahaha, take that work! #Imtherealwinner

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state of this video.

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don’t see much of that anymore, wonder what happened to them

Rmember Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea

Outclassed by birra moretti and his jaunty fedora in terms of inoffensive mid tier lagers.

not really a sweet tea kinda guy tbh

on the train to The Big Smoke, doing some sort of nightclub-based activity tonight, idk. too sleepy.

The Root Brew was nice iirc.

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Take drugs

alright, panda bear

Saw some students drinking Buckfast earlier. Delighted thats still being passed down frok generation to generation