It's the Holy Saturday thread!

I didn’t know that this day actually had a name. Impressive thst four days have a name.

How are you all? I’ve managed to pick up pluretic inflammation after a wee cold so can’t breathe properly. Absolutely classic. Have to go and get a COVID test too, just to be sure. GREAT.

Found out that there is now an Okome in Shawlands so might try to convince the TV to order from there. @Unlucky you tried it? The West End mob, you rate them? Only ate at Ramen Fayo, and that was once.

One day to. Chocolate egg day!

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Morning lovely!

The whole tridium; practice, names and tradition is interesting if you are into that kind of thing.

Going to B and Q to buy some stuff.
Then it’s more sitting about I suppose…going to make those Nadia paneer/spinach rolls.


Sons football match this morning. Then probably more garden jobs this afternoon. Puppy has a training class later today. Hope everyone has a good day!

B & Q ours here is Brico Depot same owners…small world…Hello Saturday…

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afortunado wileycat

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Quel chanceux êtes-vous…love google my best mate

Just slipped into a little snooze and immediately started dreaming that I found a used plaster, a giant one on a wall and for some reason stuck it over my nose and mouth and then in awake life I actually couldn’t breathe and in my dream I couldn’t rip it off. JFC. That was awful. Shall not be snoozing again this morning.


The New York Times Mini Crossword is pretty edgy today


Made some gingerbread folk with the toddler. Gonna take her to the big shop this morning, then maybe the park this afternoon.


My partner woke and suggested mcdonalds breakfast so here we are


Last night it was decided that next weekend we’re going to have a garden fence pulling down + burning party with our neighbours…

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’m on holiday. All day, every day



Had a chilli cheese hot cross bun for breakfast.

Took the dog for a quick walk.

Going to paint the fence in a bit - looks like we’ve picked an icy cold day to do it as usual.

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Emergency pizza for breakfast :partying_face:


That’s horrific :scream:

Hello all. Feels like a Sunday, doesn’t it?

Back out I go to read, I think. The weather is fantastic. Great, great stuff.

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Had a dream I went to this massive curry house but the serving was a bit like tapas, where they’d just bring different dishes out when they’re ready. Except after like 5 minutes they took away all the food that people were still eating from and didn’t bring anymore out. So I was like “this is a fucking joke!” and banged my fist on the table like Henry the 8th. Then on a table opposite a big group of bantery lads were taking it in turns to put fishing line up their nose.


Had an egg bagel and am now drinking a large pot of coffee and watching armanda iannucci shows. Need to muster the energy to go out for a run today coz I’ve been slacking the last couple of weeks and it’s gonna hurt.

Going out for parkbeers later. :raised_hands:

Very happy with yesterday me for buying a big slice of cake and only eating half of it.
Warmed it up and squirted cream on it :sunglasses:


Not so happy with present me who just dropped a forkfull of cake onto my top :unamused: