It's the Mittwock (Wednesday) thread

Off to the Google Next conference at Excel in the Docklands. Bit later than I intended so going I don’t miss breakfast.

I’ve also lost my glasses, so going to have to try and get seats at the front for everything.


Got the day off because I’ll be getting the keys to my new house at some point today. I did think about working from wfh this morning to see if I could claw back a half day’s holiday, but have now made an executive decision to have a cooked breakfast and play Hollow Knight in my pants instead.


Congrats! Seems like time’s flown by… Wasn’t that long ago you were still looking.

Yeah it was a speedy process for sure. Here’s hoping no monumental mistakes have been made :upside_down_face:

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Morning @anon76851889 and @Epimer

Bit tired here after going to a recording of Later with Jools Holland last night, and getting home late. My friend that got the tickets misunderstood how the scheduling for the show works @grievoustim @Kallgeese and @keith - so I wasn’t subjected to Joe Bonamassa. Instead I unexpectedly (but very happily) got to see Neneh Cherry :heart_eyes:


22c today in London, apparently. That will quell my climate-related existential doom.

Going to see the original Halloween tonight :hocho:


Having a work day with my mum, as I do the website for her small business. Not started quite yet, but she has brought me coffee in bed so that’s a good start.

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You’re hiding your disappointment well.

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I love that film so, so much :black_heart:


Oooooo!!! I was considering going to see Halloween tonight. Not sure I’ll be able to tho


I have a bad case of the epimers this morning but I’ve not eaten anything new so I’m just trying to work out if I’m sick or if it has passed so I can get on my bike and go to work

It’s my dad’s funeral today. Not going to be fun, although I am looking forward to seeing some old family friends, and even some family I’ve not seen for years.



Thoughts are with you, Steve.


Hope you’re doing as well as you can.

The only positive about situations like this - take care of each other.


Big fan of the thread title (wock on the right)


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Checking into tomorrow’s flight from Leeds to Amsterdam while sat on today’s flight from Amsterdam to Leeds :upside_down_face:


“The Wock is tall, strong and a ruffian. When bored, he becomes rude and annoys others just for fun.”

He’d fit right in on the DiS boards!


I should really reply in the career thread…but I got offered my first nursing post-qualifying (in Jan) :slight_smile: following the interview I spoke about in that thread.

Also just checked my vacancy emails and the hospital I most want to work for (I was there on placement and it had a strong ethos and a good team) is also hiring. Its a nice situation because I’m happy with my lot even if I’m not successful with that one.

Sorry for just sharing…needed the fillip as I’m in danger of having my yearly autumnal slide into poor MH (should also have used the MH thread :upside_down_face:)


Don’t be sorry for sharing, it is excellent news :slight_smile:


Have you warmed to Hollow Knight at all?