It's the Mittwock (Wednesday) thread

Have you warmed to Hollow Knight at all?

Congrats man! :smiley:

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Yeah, a bit! I think an issue I’m running into is that the guide I’m loosely following is skipping out on loads of charms and stuff, i.e. the interesting bits to tinker with. I think I’m going to go after some more when I’m done with these Watcher Knight pricks.

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I am ill. Time to stay in bed all day.



Ugh. My cold has got worse not better. I was waking myself up hacking my lungs up in a sweat in the night and slept terribly. I’d take the day off sick, but there’ll be a houseful of toddlers today.

Thankfully I’ve got a relatively quiet day today.

That’s a good idea - it’s surprising how different your play style becomes when you have more to play with. I found myself switching between 2 or 3 sets of charms depending on the threats I was facing.

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Oh, very good! Way better than that blues lawyer shit!

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I’m shattered for some reason. Started playing ‘Fallout 4’ last night and ended up having bizarre dreams about being chased by feens with laser guns.

i had a dream i was trying to diffuse a bomb that was going off, as alarms and sirens were going off and everyone else was trying to evacuate. woke up and it was the alarm from the shop across the road going off.

Did you manage to stop it?

I hope today goes as ok as possible for you.

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Its a lovely day. WFH. Gonna try get all my work done by lunch and go for a potter.

What are our brains playing at with these stressful dreams.

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nope. it was kinda frustrating. you know sometimes in dreams where you know it’s a dream? i cut the wire or whatever but it was still beeping and i was like “wtf this is a dream i’m meant to be able to switch this off” then kept trying different things to no avail

irl the thing went off eventually. was going to call the pigs if it had gone on another 10 mins.

just saw an advert for a snake on freecycle so that’s interesting

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Would’ve been more interesting if it was a snake on a unicycle.

You know that scratchy feeling you get in the back of your throat the day before you get the full-on lurgy?

Yeah, that. Going to try to intake all the vitamin C today.

Morning all :wave:

A friend is helping me drive a bunch of things to a charity shop. About to go buy her lots of booze to say thanks. Got a new top on, tho I wore it to bed last night… shhh, don’t tell anyone that I’m a bit minging.

I am now the proud owner of this massive fucking aviary. There are pigeon eggs in it.