🏀 it's the NBA 2023/24 thread! 🏀

will it finally be Time for Dame to win something?

let’s find out

look at Coach Quin’s new glasses

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in the time it’s taken me to decide to post something, realise there needs to be a thread for the new season, and post the thread, the Basketball Hawks of Atlanta have gone and had a really bad time in the second quarter against the Pacers

I might have to close the thread down

Don’t close the thread down, it’s only preseason!

Although my Raptors have absolutely smashed… checks notes… The Cairns Taipans?

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Matt Berninger’s looking good

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you’re watching my guys

did you see Jalen Johnson get up (before throwing it (the ball) down (through the net))

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Hawks definitely got the better of it. Also hadn’t noticed Trae sneak up to 15

American stadium atmospheres are so goddamn weird :smiley:

yeah, the NBA TV guy said Trae’s in mid-season form, but he’s not really, he just got to the charity stripe a bunch

I think maybe the fans need to boo him more, please see to it that they do :innocent:

have you been to an NBA game before? I would have thought maybe the atmos might be odd because it’s preseason, but idk

also please let Quin know that his spectacles are really nice

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Knicks vs Bucks (fest baby Giannis!) back in 2015, which was good but can’t remember any details. Apart from some smart young lawyer booing the shit out of the Knicks until he was red in the face - classic fan!

But nah you’re right about pre season, but meant like changing the song every 15 seconds, all the chants etc. Just a very diff way of doing sports!

But glad to be seeing it and to have pretty close up seats at a good price

yeah, that’s a great spot!

I didn’t notice what they were playing during Philly offense… normal DE-FENCE stuff during Hawks possessions, tho

that Knicks experience sounds incredible. would love to see a Knicks game tbf.

did Baby Giannis show out much? rookie season, yeah?



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he’s already here

the league is toast



Spurs v Suns, November 1st and then November 3rd

Spurs v Bucks, December 20th and then January 4th

these are the games

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OK, season is starting this week so it’s prediction time.

NBA Champs: Nuggets

Finals losers: Celtics

Conference finalists: Lakers and Heat

Carabao NBA Cup: Celtics

Surprise package: Thunder

Disappointment: Suns

MVP: Jokic

MIP: Cade Cunningham

ROY: Chet Holmgren

6th Man: Derrick White

Clutch Player: SGA

On March 1st James Harden will play for the: Sixers

Random prediction: Wemby will not play enough games to win ROY

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NBA Champs: Celtics

Finals losers: Suns

Conference finalists: Nuggets and Sixers

Carabao NBA Cup: Warriors

Surprise package: Pacers

Disappointment: Clippers

MVP: Jokic

MIP: Kuminga

ROY: Wemby

6th Man: Melton

Clutch Player: Fox again

On March 1st James Harden will play for the: Heat

Random prediction: Jordan Poole for the scoring title? lol

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NBA Champs: Celts

Finals losers: Warriors

Conference finalists: 6ers, Nuggets

Carabao NBA Cup: Nuggets

Surprise package: NOLA

Disappointment: Miami

MVP: Giannis

MIP: Banchero

ROY: Wemby

6th Man: Chris Paul

Clutch Player: Donovan Mitchell

On March 1st James Harden will play for the: Celtics

Random prediction: NOLA will do really well and surprise people.

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A good thread for a parade of terrible, terrible unis