Its the New Year- Its the Morning Thread 1/1/2020

Still up here in the USA, drunk dancing with the lady and New Years is in 50 minutes time.

But I have UK time in my blood. What’s everyone doing for their day off in the New Year?

I’m very grateful to have this community of people to talk to on a daily basis, through the bad and the good. There’s no community of people better anywhere on the net. Hug yourselves and hug your love ones! Let’s conquer 2020 with the love, compassion, and support we all have for each other. In true NY fashion I’ll start the New Year off with a tune for all you wonderful folk! I love you all so much!


Happy New Young, Neil Year!


HNY! Just got home after watching Craig David :-1:t2: and Point Break :+1:t2: at my pals. Think I will sleep a lot tomorrow, but most importantly… put my @anon19035908 calendar out!!


Making my head spin already Spacemen with that wording! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Love you bud, keep showing up in the bangers thread and post more in the social thread. All the best to you and yours!

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Dingaling you bring me so much joy with your wonderful fashion, beautiful demeanor, and little Misty (I love her so much). Please continue to be the wonderful human being you are, and I wish you so much joy in the new year!



FFS cant believe I’m up this late


11am here and waiting for breakfast


in the words of the great @safebruv I’m absolutely cunted.

Whats on the docket for breakfast?

Hope 2020 brings nothing but the best for your and yours 2020!

#boxingthread 2020

EDIT: lots of 2020 in this message for fucks sake

HNY NY. Bed time, thank god.

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A Nepali take on a full English which is pretty fucking great


Mrs NY passed out. Whos drinking her wine back in the basement? Not me


Oh lord. I’d stick my face right in that.

Bring on the Italians


Happy new year jordan!

Morning all :wave:

Went to bed at 11 last night. Was woken up at 7 on the dot by the eldest exclaiming “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and bursting into our room. We have a holiday/weekend tradition of watching music videos on YouTube before getting up, and she chose this as the first song we listened to in 2020:

So anyway: happy new year to you all! You’re a lovely, lovely bunch x


Happy new morning

Was asleep before midnight but still stayed up too late. R should have been going out today but his dad has nowhere inside to take him and it is far too cold/wet to be outside for ages. Another day of everyone inside and getting fed up :disappointed:

I love this video too much

Anyway. Bed at 4, up at 7.30. bad parents. Gonna cook a veggie brekkie and have copious amounts of tea. Drive home later. Woooo

Just got in

Going to bed goodnight

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Morning all. On the train back to London, travelling in style, bacon roll on the way. Decent start to 2020.

This decade is going great so far

  • cat woke me up at 7:45 by biting & clawing my arse
  • 6yo appears to have vomiting sickness/norovirus
  • dishwasher leaked all over the kitchen floor

More news as we get it