It's the one and only May Bank Holiday thread!

(Because there’s normally two May bank holidays, but there aren’t this year, you see)

Anyway, what are you up to? We have zero plans and the weather’s looking rubbish. I think that means we’ll be clearing the spare room and putting stuff in the loft. Hopefully I can instigate something a little more exciting at some point


Yup, vidya it is

It is Eid! Going to hang out with my family. Went to see one of my favourite kpop groups last night, i was so close :star_struck:


Same Same

Got to do some work and watch some snooker. Eat an Easter egg maybe.

Weirdly here, today is not a holiday, whereas the 1st and the 3rd are holidays.

I have a day off anyway, so I’m taking the train to Katowice to pick up some residency documents, and then wander around the park and probably eat ramen or something in the city centre.

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Eid Mubarak

I hope I got that right, I had to Google it, but I hope you and your family celebrate accordingly and you have a great day


It is right, thank you!:blush:


No plans other than snooker too.

Might head for a run to feel a bit better about lying on sofa for rest of the day

Good morning and Eid Mubarak to anyone celebrating

Minimal plans for the day. Going to make some more biscoff flapjacks. Take the dog for a walk. Watch snooker.

Working 12-8. Wife’s taking my daughter swimming this morning, I get to lounge around with the toddler until 10ish then meet them in town before I start work.

Eid Mubarak :sparkles:


Off to the horse racing with my folks to get drunk and lose money.

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Weather looks alright here. I’ve got shorts on. Am I being optimistic??

Taking baby into central London as plasticmike is running some 10k thing and we’re going to go and heckle.

Well. She’s asleep at the moment so it’ll mostly be me heckling.

Haven’t slept well so I’m going to try to get a solid 5-6 hours of hammock napping time

I don’t feel very well :disappointed:

Also have no oat milk or food in so there goes breakfast.

Off to see Tomberlin later though :heart:

Just a regular working day for me here

Sorry for killing the may bank holiday thread

Eid Mubarak @avocado and any other DiSers celebrating :partying_face:


Eid mubarak to those celebrating!

Working today as we get flexible bank holidays. Nobody in, it’s quite nice.

Also in the ‘going to see tomberlin later’ club


It’s Jürgen Klopp day in Whitstable

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