It's the Saturday Thread!

Morning everyone! I’d like a lie in, but my kids are up playing with the Lillabo train and some My Little Ponies.

Might Sneak out and get some lorne sausage and rolls.

My wife has an acupuncture sessions so I’m taking the kids round to my grant’s for a bit. Then I’ve got a video game night at the groom’s houe who is getting married tomorrow. Should be fun.

I was just about to start a thread. Good job I checked.

I was awoken at 5am, because Jimbo was excited that today was a daddy day. He’s had three breakfasts so far.

I want to go back to bed.


Sheeldz, Rob.

Lady morning with eggs and avocado on bagels bgor breakfast. The hopping on a train to Southampton to meet @hankscorpio for beers and chat. Can’t bloody wait lads


Going to mow the lawn, french toast for breakfast after.

Got two tours today and some filming, got a French translator with me for one.

Sad to get out of bed.


yeah! ooh but

yeah, I think… oh wait

give me it all


Morning folk

Blueberry porridge for breakfast, bit boring.

Nothing particular planned today, R has discovered Wallace & Grommit so might try for a lazy day watchung loads of that*

*enjoying A Grand Day Out and then him getting scared by The Wrong Trousers and never wanting to watch any again.


Been awake since six, had to feed the cats and get my GF up for work.

Just going to hang out with the cats, maybe visit the pawn shop in town. Will probably have another clatter about on the very funny drum pads I got.

Morning all. Woke up at around 3am after a bad dream about spiders and took over an hour to get back to sleep :sleeping: going to pop out for a walk this morning, then the eldest has got a party (so I’ll be sat in the bar of a leisure centre killing time).

Still in bed at the moment so that’s nice

Aw imagine discovering W&G for the first time!

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Been awake since 6 because of the cat wailing and howling at the rain. Work in a bit :frowning: full of cba today, could quite happily stay in bed till bedtime.

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Massive smile om his face when he watched a little clip yesterday, and he woke me up this morning telling me all about it again :blush:

Might only let him watch the first one for now, very scared of putting him off.


I have a thumping head and what feels like a big lump under my scalp despite only having a couple of drinks last night. I’m definitely a candidate for just giving booze the absolute boot now. Even now when I’m finding it easy to just have the odd couple of drinks every now and again, it just makes me feel abysmal regardless of restraint. Yuck! Going to hunt for ibuprofen and make tea and toast before packing and driving to Pitlochry. Going to throw everything I own into my car boot and decide what to wear later.

drinking pumpkin spice flavour instant coffee. why am i doing that? that’s a great question,


Morning dis. Waffles and bacon for breakfast :clap:

Then telly and painting


Good morning DiSdom, garlicky Chanterelles on toast with a poached egg this morning. Yes please.


Ooffttt jealous. @hankscorpio is one (of many) DiSers I would really like to meet.


Morning all!

Toast and Nutella for breakfast; watching Peppa Pig with The Child.

We’re driving to North Tyneside today (stopping at Gretna services) and then going to a 40th birthday party dressed as Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. I don’t think there will be photos.

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He lives 10 miles away and we have trying to meat for 17 months and have never managed it, so this is going to be great


Stop having fun breakfasts and making my cereal seem like such a letdown