It's the Saturday Thread!

listening to Nick Cave’s and the BS’s new one for the first time. This guy is like a fine wine, just gets better with age. :+1:


Can you repost this tomorrow when I’m not pissed and tag me?

I found it way too sad, not sure I can listen again

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Have you heard the new one from Girl Band? Some of the best noise to ever come out of Ireland.

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I agree. I still feel the loss of his son taking a major part of his lyrics. But the orchestrations from Warren and the like are just so gorgeous. Being a massive ambient fan, the album just hit me in all the right places.

I have not, read the release thread last week and added it. Haven;t gotten around to it yet, but definitely will.

oh it’s very good don’t get me wrong (although I’ve never been into Cave as much as I feel I should be, y’know?)

I honestly prefer newer Cave to old Cave to be honest. He’s almost turning into a Tom Wait’s type troubadour for me at this stage in his career.

EDIT: and i love it.

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Mate I ruined National Anthem for myself by using it in one of the most cringey original pieces of all time :sob:

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Can’t stop jolting. Sorry this is deeply boring.

guess we are going back out to the bar to meet some folks and watch the Yankees baseball game. Liver should shit the bed any day now. #knobbedthread

Oh yeah it was National Coming Out Day yesterday so my little sister just casually outed me to my mum.



Just discovered this song
Fucking hell :joy: :joy:

Fucking love this song.



yes. See you there? :kissing:

Just noticed Paramore taking the piss out of Bill O’ reilly in the video for Rose Coloured Boy

Lol I actually was on time to get the last train back from Edinburgh then got on the wrong fucking train to Bathgate, realised straight away, got off at Edinburgh Park, sprinted across an industrial estate and made the midnight bus. Just in and remembered I changed my bedsheets earlier, aaaaaah


@moderators delete this imo. Was meant to be funny because I put my hair like that but it looks serious, also don’t want it to get emailed imo, cheers.