Its the semi-regular laptop recommendations thread!

hi its me

im in the market for a new laptop, max budgie about 500 bones

currently swaying towards a dell inspiron 15 5570

but something in my brain is saying dont get a dell? dunno why, maybe my theo chip is playing up

its going to be mainly for writing but also a bit of music stuff

other things that caught my eye while dodging helpful people in currys the other day (the new girl had already chatted to me for 10 mins! if i want more help ill go and find her!)

help me DiS, you’re my only hope

I’ve had a Dell Precision workstation laptop for 4 1/2 years running some heavy work stuff. It’s great, no noticeable slowdown. In contrast, my HP All-In-One (which is also an i7 chip) looks lovely but is a bag of shite, really slow, all sorts of (acknowledged by the manufacturer) software glitches (like not waking up from sleep properly, etc). I’ve got an old Lenovo tablet and that has also been great. Be wary of slow chips and Windows 10, my old Asus notebook can’t handle it with an old i5 processor either.

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windows 10 seems to be standard unforch

thanks tho

I suppose I was trying to say:

  1. Stretch yourself on the processor, an i5 or an i7 if you can
  2. Be wary of HP!

But no probs!

i’m interested too. just need a bare bones thing, desktop is fine too. must have windows 10 and more than 32gb hd space. and run word.

While knowing nothing about laptops, I’d get one with SSD storage, which none of those seem to have. Much better performance

can confirm SSD is rad from work use

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yeah this is what i went in thinking (knowing basically nowt) and @funkycow the newbie in the shop said id be better of with an i5 or i7 processor but these seem to be non existant at the sub-£500 mark

Hmm yeah I don’t know about getting the latest processor and SSD. At this point I should leave the thread as I have nothing useful to contribute and the Theos will be along soon to help

:smiley: this is about as far as i get with helping in laptop threads

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SSDs are great (performance wise) but you pay a lot more for less space on your HD. You don’t want to be running out of space all the time (and flash drives / sd cards are not a viable daily alternative). If you’re on a budget:

  • don’t worry about touchscreens, if you’re a mouse user, you never use it and Windows 10 was optimised long ago to work “the old fashioned way”
  • go for a conventional hard drive, not an SSD
  • try and stretch to an i5 (I agree that an i7 might be a push)
  • prioritise functionality over prettiness (all the razor thin ones are ithing wannabes but the thin dimensions come at a cost to the innards, particularly at low price points)

I’m just a consumer, so you can ignore me. Try these two sites for comparison reviews: (though the $500 might be the wrong price for you).

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SSDs are very good. I replaced the drive in a MacBook that I was on the verge of retiring and got another few years use out of it. Makes such a difference. It does seem to increase the price massively though, even though it’s reasonably cheap to get one off Crucial or wherever and do it yourself.

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see i was thinking 1TB HDD > 128GB SSD? but like i say, idk

Well I bought a new laptop at the beginning of the year and pretty much went with the reverse. Think it’s 250gb SSD. I have loads of external HDDs and a NAS drive that I back stuff up on so thought I’d go with higher performance over hard drive space. I keep the laptop itself pretty uncluttered.

LOL ‘higher performance’. Which I need for dicking about on Photoshop and browsing the web.

i just assumed the bigger space on it would mean it performed better but youre prob right. external hard drive for storing stuff is prob best but im quite bad at backing stuff up

its probably past theos bedtime innit

No, I think the SSD would perform loads better because it’s just faster. Laptop boots in a fraction of the time, copies/opens files way quicker. I guess when you buy a new laptop it’ll be nice and speedy due to various factors, but when I swapped the drive in my old machine I was really surprised at the difference just changing the hard drive made.

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Fair enough, dunno how these things work but its food for thought

Bought an Acer Zenbook late last year. The sound is a little quiet but otherwise I’m really impressed with it. It was £600 but you might be able to find it cheaper.

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