Its the semi-regular laptop recommendations thread!


I’ve got one of those Dells. It’s fine (build wise… I have higher spec CPU and HD, but I’m sure those ones are alright)






@1101010? can you correct some of our misconceptions pls x


1TB Samsung Pro Evo 850 SSDs are normally sub 300 on Amazon and sweet as. They come with a program to let you shunt from an HDD to it via a 5 quid USB 3 to SATA cable.

However the future is an NVMe drive. Again you can find them on Amazon much more cheaply than if you buy a laptop with one built in.

TBH @Yesiamaduck is probably yer goto PC tech guy on here


To confirm: I upgraded my work Lenovo from 1TB HDD to the Samsung 850 Evo Pro 1TB SSD.

I used the app to clone my old HDD.

The difference was night and day. Office 365 is clearly optimised for fast SSDs and probably other apps are too.


Get one of these bad boys


im looking for a laptop for less than £500 rather than just a drive. so the real question for my price range seems to be whether

or not :man_shrugging:


For less than £500? You can grab the 1TB then.

I mean you can get by with a 128 SSD if you’re prepared to do a fair bit of uninstalling and the like. I have only 128GB in my little Mac Air and I’ve only once had a problem with storage but I pretty much don’t use it for anything but surfing.

The SSD will be much much faster.


prob better off with the storage then i reck. thanks theo youre the best