It's the Sunday thread, sponsored by Madonna

Its Madonna’s birthday today. Happy birthday to her. Please name your favourite madge song, along with what you’re up to today.

Flying back to the UK in a bit. Booo.


Morning Roastie. Morning Madge. Frozen is a tuuuune.

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Hi Roasters! At work, obviously. Going to my parents for dinner later so that’ll be nice.

Oh, and it’s Borderline of course


got up to make a mug of tea, going back to bed and might stay there all day.

It is obviously Like A Prayer, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a soft spot for Dear Jessie

Morning all!

Like A Prayer, probably. Although, if I’m honest, that chapter in Don’t Touch My Hair has made Madge much more problematic for me. That and the fact I’d have named Vogue as my favourite without it.

Planning to chill hard today. I feel like I deserve some quiet time so might continue to play MGSV until teatime.

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Good morning :slight_smile:
Probably Express Yourself? Hard to pick really, she does have some classic pop bangers does our Madge, and I hope she has a wonderful birthday.
No plans for today. Was gonna go and sit in my stepmum’s garden but the sky looks ominous so giving that a miss. Think I might just potter round the flat and watch comfort films or read.
Got some sprouts and broccoli with my name on later, excited for that. Might do a mini veg roast.

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At my parent’s. Slept overnight. Up at 5.30am with kiddo. Wide is still asleep. Looks like we have pastries for breakfast. Going to see my nan after then maybe grab a nice coffee somewhere.

Ray of Light innit.


Got some tea and 6music going on

No plans today except sort out all the old school uniform ahead of seeing name tapes in the new lot. Urgh. Oh and SNOOKS.

Madonna? It’s this of course…

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Not trying to score indie points but I really hate Madonna.

R just broke a very heavy curtain pole that almost fell on him and I was stuck holding it up for ages because no one listened to me calling for help. My arms hurt and every one is angry with me for thinking they would be angry with me.

Desperate for a shower but the switch is broken so that is not good.

Just want to hide in my room forever. So unable to deal with my family and have them give not even small concession to the fact I’m in a terrible place mh-wise right now, or what help they offer comes loaded with making me feel ashamed for needing it and being this massive burden.

Morning! Going fishing.

Into the Groove peak Madonna obviously.

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Morning rtoas

Happy birthday Madge

My favourite is Borderline

Morning everyone

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Once performed a disastrous version of “Material Girl” at a live karaoke Retrospectacular due to technical difficulties. So that.

Photo exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery later this afternoon.


Morning kids,

It’s Ray of Light, obviously, although I have a soft spot for Beautiful Stranger.

The child is being LOUD this morning and I’m feeling the after effects of last nights beer. Not so bad that you’d call it a hangover but I could have done with an extra hour in bed tbh.

Even worse than I remembered


drive my mini cooper and I’m feeling super duper
something something latte, it’s a double shot-tay

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thought at first you meant you couldn’t play nintendo


Hello :wave:

I’m hesitant to say Burning Up is my favourite song but I like it an awful lot:

Watching Rick and Morty and drinking tea. Thinking I might go for a walk today to JOHN LEWIS, if it’s open… will be the first big shop I’ve been to since March. Would quite like to just go sit on all the fancy sofas that I cant afford with a big coffee. I might… I might even get a bloody latte instead of a flat white. I may regret this decision.

I keep on feeling really autumnal. Even though I think it’s rank, I kinda want a pumpkin spiced latte.

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True Blue, ain’t it

Watching Friday’s snooker before watching today’s snooker.

Gonna heat up some pancakes i made yesterday and have with vego spread.