It's the thread you've all been waiting for.....What laptop should i buy 2018 ?!?!?


I have a big beefy desktop at home, a decent enough smartphone. & couple of old tablets.

I want something portable cos im going away on holiday but will need to do some boring life admin during it.

budget - £250-£400 MAX, don’t recommend anything over £400 or else.

criteria: perfomance mostly - i dont need to do any gaming or editing shite but do want to have 12 tabs open in chrome just because I can.

do i get a chromebook??


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Keyboard probably another £35 I think. Bosh. Wife has one and it’s braw.

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Oh and if you get a 2nd hand one from cex it’ll have a two year guarantee.

Ooh I’m in exactly the same market

Oh in fact it was a pro 4 I got her. Not sure there is a massive difference but worth reading up on it.

bought a refurbed Mac (2015) recently and it’s overheating like crazy despite only doing basic browsing (Safari). The square charger yoke gets really hot, and so does the bit that goes into the laptop (not as hot but it’s warm). and the underside of the laptop too. Battery runs down fairly fast too. I should probably bring it in to a store, can’t be right for a newly refurbished. i thought they replaced everything.