It's the Thursday evening thread


Snuck out for a delicious pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord after work today

The pub on my street has changed owners so I thought it was important to show a bit of support. I did get a pint of St Austell Proper Job initially but that wasn’t right.

Anyway the new owners haven’t changed anything at all, so alls right with the world.

I was meant to be out seeing La Luz tonight, but they’ve got the 'rona and have cancelled the gig, so I’m going to stay in and make plans for my birthday celebrations instead (doing the same thing as I do every year probably)


Just played tennis and now waiting in the chippy with the kid for fish and chips :yum:

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Alright checks BBC Joe Salisbury

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Long, hot day down the beer mines. Got Quorn nuggets, homemade wedges and peas for tea and a beer or two. Probably just gonna lollop around sweating after that.

Off to Sicily the morrow for a pals wedding. Very sharp start in the morn. Canny wait.


Got my desk all nice and ready to write some musics

I also have pineapple rum but it’s a Thursday so prob not


Salmon and cous cous for tea

Probably have an ice cream and/or a beer later

Thursdays the start of the weekend at Casa Orch. I’ll be having a chocolate stout affogato to celebrate


Was supposed to be going on a date but now seems I’m not… Going to have lasagne, chips and peas for tea, have an edible and watch the special Question Time at 8.

Parsley on garlic bread

  • Great
  • Fuck off

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Doesn’t really matter.


Accidentally voted on this but I agree with the accidental vote. Parsley is a gbop

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Laughing at Witches somehow voting in this at the exact time that I posted it. Almost voted in it before I’d even posted it.

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Amused me the thought that you felt so strongly that you voted in a nanosecond of it being posted

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Please find the father of the bride and ask him for a favour.


I’d have the edible before you eat the big dinner personally

My son was coming but Joe his not

I’ve ordered a burger

Might go to the shop for beer too, fuck it it’s basically Friday

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Evening everyone :wave:

Have a strong urge to get drunk with some DiSers but alas, sob.

Was scrolling through some old pics and saw some Halloween decorations and now I’m longing for it to be autumn. I mean, I always am but especially after seeing the pics of my paper spiders, bat jumper and pumpkin hat :jack_o_lantern:

Going to have left over chilli for dinner and then maybe ask the bf to go out so I can blast John carpenter and organise my sock drawer. I know how to live.


My ex has just annoyed me. Urgh.

Garlic chicken with salad for dinner. Going to watch some more of This is Us and pretend my job isn’t ridiculously stressful this week.

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