It's the Thursday Morning Thread

Haven’t started one of these in awhile.

Still up, can’t sleep. GF having some surgery tomorrow and while she’s snoring away not seeming to be phased, I’m a nervous wreck, although it’s nothing major. Just have a fear of hospitals.

Anyways let me know what you are all up to this fine morning.


Good luck tomorrow NY’s GF!!!

It is mid-afternoon for me here. We’re flying up to Brisbane this evening.


Morning @NeilYoung, good luck to your GF. Morning @1101010, safe travels!

Im up early here, baby awake so me awake. Had a night of broken sleep thanks to 2 night feeds so I will be lagging later. Plenty of coffee will be the order of the day. And lots of outdoor time for F, she didnt get enough yday. Baby yoga/massage later and I could do with popping into town before hand. Hoping weather brightens up a tad! :crossed_fingers:


Morning. Reckon I got about 3hrs sleep last night. Been at work for an hour and a half. 1.30 finish Almost the weekend


Hmm was going to ban myself last night but here i am. Maybe I’ll just post in the day threads for a while as i have no restraint.

Day off, there’s a disgusting rotting smell in my kitchen that i noticed last week and i cant find the source and I’m too scared to look. Pls send help.

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Always a rogue potato in my experience :weary:


Good morning Neil, best of luck to your good lady tomorrow! :heart:

Fell asleep with some curly fries in the oven and now the entire flat smells like a bonfire :smiley:

Fed the pussycat, have a day off from having to do anything too miserable today, just have a few light admin jobs to finish. Kinda want a McDonald’s breakfast.

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Noooo I’m so sorry to hear that :broken_heart:

Cause I’m so OTT about switching stuff off, when I left my Nanna’s house over a week ago I switched off the spare freezer thinking there was nothing in it but OOOOH BOY there were things in the bottom drawer. Went over yesterday with my best mate and as soon as we got through the door I was like “yeah this smells mucky wtf”. Anyway we sourced it to the bottom unfrozen drawer and god bless my dear friend she sorted the issue while I theatrically gagged upstairs and did what I had to do. Felt so guilty that I paypalled her a tenner later.

Anyway I guess my point is would you like me to pop my dear friend on a train and give her ten pounds so she can sniff out the issue for you?


It has a fishy smell to it

Please :pray:

My worry is its cat related and its been over a week at least. All I’m hoping is its a gross crabstick or something i dropped whilst making noodles but i am NOT prepared for anything worse than that. It’s potentially coming from under the fridge which i do not want to pull out as when we’ve had mice that’s where they hide and I’m absolutely gagging already imagining it.

Might just move out.

is anybody in the strong mint game? M&S seemed to have stopped selling these and I need a vege/sugarfree alternative


Happy to have a full range of mobility back this morning. Back still hurts a little bit but is basically fine.

Going to take the dog for a little walk and then have a nice easy bike ride, just a few miles along the river and back.

Other than that, I’ll watch a bit of the cycling, play a bit of Xbox and enjoy the chaos of the government collapsing

Is it cat food? It’s always cat food that smells in our kitchen. Normally because Holly takes it out of the bowl to eat it, the weirdo

Finished one work and on to the next. There was a disser in my dream last night for the first time ever and they were mostly taking the piss out of me :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiley:

Morning DiS

I’ve got a fairly quiet day today - might go for a swim at lunchtime, and hopefully me and the missus will be able to sneak in a cheeky half at our newly reopened local while Jimbo’s at Beavers later, but other than that nada

I’ve looked everywhere and nothing :thinking: the worst smell I’ve had in the kitchen was actually down to old garlic so maybe a clove has fallen somewhere but i cant find a thing.

Oh noooo :sob:
I really feel for you cause yeah I’m the same, just can’t deal with bad smells! Hope you get it sorted asap lovely


Morning, I’m intrigued very much by the mystery smell saga that’s in play. Keep the updates coming and good luck! Quiet morning, then busy afternoon for me.

Without context this is a very funny sentence

Also pretty funny in context


Fiiiiine i suppose I’ll get off the toilet and go to work then.