It's the Tuesday evening thread

Just makin some cupcakes hbu

Feel really :face_vomiting::nauseated_face::pleading_face:

Really hope it doesn’t amount to anything and it’s just from all the biscuits I ate.

All being well I’m going to do a bit of writing, and put clean sheets on.

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Afternoon/evening tilty. Home from work early due to a rain delay, which means it’s record time.

Currently listening to sweet funk jazz stylings of Labi Siffre. The jam halfway through this track is the backdrop to Eminem’s “My Name Is”. :+1:


Evening @tilty @Scout @NeilYoung @wileycat (typing) and everyone else.

Am still on the train. Feels properly autumnal doesn’t it? I’ve got fond memories of autumn evenings like this, going down to the seafront and watching the waves crash against the promenade.

  1. Oh, sorry, I don’t actually know who lives there so I don’t feel comfortable taking the parcel.
  2. Oh, I’m going away for a few days tomorrow so I won’t take it in case they’re not back tonight

Either of those excuses would have been fine for not taking a parcel for a creepy neighbour (who I don’t think I’ve ever seen and always has all curtains closed and a very grotty house exterior). But did I manage either? Hahaha, of course not. I just mumbled a ‘well, okay, I mean, yeah, I guess so’.


Got my torch back, at least


Had a lovely wee day to myself in palma, such a great town but now unfortunately in palma airport which fuckjng sucks.
Need to find myself a quiet spot and read for a bit.

So now I’ll be spending all night on edge. And maybe tomorrow night. And the night after that. Next time I get a knock at my door in going to rehearse the line before I open it. Will probably still end up agreeing though.

get well soon!

Evening tilty, evening everyone. I’ve got the washing on the heated airer and the dehumidifier’s running - I guess this is a Winter I. Off to see Ed Dowie tonight in a pub that sells Tiny Rebel Marshmallow Porter - or did the last time I was there - which will be lovely.

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Couldn’t be bothered to put my walking shoes on this afternoon, so we just walked the pavement up the dual carriageway. Not bad scenery as far as dual carriageways go though, I suppose.


finished dinner over an hour ago, not really sure what to do with myself now

Realised I’m a holder of another dubious badge of honour: I’m a very tidy cook.

Does this mean that I look down on messy cooks? Oh my, yes.


this album is so so good for anyone looking for a rainy day album. Lush electric piano, wonderful orchestrations and horn accompaniments on tracks, straight jazzy/funk/soul on others. What an underrated classic.

*last music talk in the social thread I promise for today. :laughing:

I (meaning you) am a

  • Clean cook
  • Messy cook
  • Albuquerque

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Feel like you’ve been spying on me making cupcakes tbh

might watch stop making sense or some other live talking heads thing maybe

Get well soon scout


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Sorry, misread that

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