It's The Tuesday Evening Thread!!!!

sssshhh, it’s not too early.

Tell me whats happening, on ya go…

Any time after 5pm is evening so that’s fine.

My mum had her booster jab today, she told me she had a lovely time, bless her.


I went for a nice walk in the daaaarrrkkkknessss

Which was atmospheric

But you can’t see as many of the neighbourhood cats


My news is I had a dress delivery today. It was both too tight and far too short :laughing: that’s my christmas party outfit sorted then.

Evening plans are as follows:

  • Do a 20 min cycle
  • Make dinner
  • Do the dishes
  • Tidy up a bit.
  • Hang up washing.

Please tell me your plans too.


Drink and gig.

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Just ate dinner

Gonna lie here on the sofa and do nothing for a bit

Then a cup of tea and some chocolate covered strawberries

After that, who knows :man_shrugging:t2:

A chicken is roasting in the oven.
On the shelf above it is a tray of garlic and rosemary sweet potato wedges.
Got a couple of corn on the cobs about to go on the hob.

That will be our dinner in the next 10 minutes or so.

Once that’s dealt with, probably not a lot else will happen.
Bit of pre-bedtime yoga later on, I suspect. Wife started it over the weekend and I’ve been doing it with her. Might just be coincidence but I’ve slept really well the past few nights.

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Had a nice flirt with a beautiful woman earlier, had a good day in Liverpool including having a chai whilst walking through a tunnel made of graves

I was not finished and posted too soon but it was only the same level of nonsense about my day.


Evening all!

I made veggie hotpot and dumplings for tea. It was very good.

No plans tonight apart from bathing The Child and watching some Bake Off.

I might buy some things because I got paid.

Recipe please!

Evening all :wave:

Not an awful lot to report. Not been out of the house all day so I’m going to walk to a supermarket and buy tomorrow’s dinner.

Wish my house wasn’t so cold in the day :cold_face:

Going out for dinner tonight. Then up early to drive the in-laws to the airport. Then wait patiently til :hatching_chick: arrives.

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I’ve had a really productive day which has set me up with work until mid-Feb so that’s good. Still getting used to the precariousness of self-employed life.

Also got a tax rebate as a reward for following @AutumnBeech’s prompt to do a job I was putting off (my tax return)!

Plan tonight is to squeeze in a bit of xbox with a glass of wine, then make a chorizo stew for dinner and watch the bake off final probably.



Should probably do this one bit of work that’s bugging me as have loads of meetings tomorrow but cba.

Staying in and staring into space, for a change of pace

Alright? Car got fixed which is good, but cost £££ i don’t have which is bad. Quiche, hash browns and beans for tea and some more Seinfeld. Tired.

I diced onion, carrot, squash, celery and yellow pepper and browned them.

Squeeze of tomato sauce, cooked out for a couple of minutes.

Bay leaf, about half a tsp each of celery and garlic salt, rosemary, oregano.

Tin of tomatoes and about a tin of water. About 2 tbsp of veg gravy. Simmer for about 20m.

The dumplings were from a recipe on the suet box - 100g SR flour, 50g suet, salt and enough water to make a firm dough. It makes eight small (plum size?) dumplings but I made double this because I do not believe in portion sizes.

I stuck some sliced broccoli florets in at the end and cooked them under the dumplings for 25-30m on a simmer.

Served with a sprinkle of chilli flakes.

The veg softened to a point where it was close to a Heinz vegetable soup.



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I’m ill. Don’t think I can be arsed cooking anything tbh. Been lying on a stripped bed for an hour now because I don’t have any energy to put the fresh ones on.

Got a new boiler installed in my flat today so spent the day mooching about. Met a friend for late lunch which was excellent. Veggie burgers are great nowadays I reck.

Now for pizza and Wheeeeeeeel of Time in a toastie flat.

Plans include hanging up washing which will actually dry. Might treat myself to a hot shower later too :nail_care: