It's The Tuesday Evening Thread!!!!

Hi guys

I forgot that when you move to a new place you spend the first few weeks/months feeling deeply alone and scared lol. But it’ll be fine right, it’ll be fine.

I need a tax code to work here and neither me nor another new starter could get them through the usual channels so work have set up a meeting tomorrow, our HR rep is accompanying us to act as our representative, but the only appointment they could get is in the Algarve. So tomorrow I’m going on a 5 hour road trip with two people I’ve never met before. Should be either nice or toe-curlingly awkward. Can’t wait.

Bought a box of Yorkshire for six euros cos the tea here is mince


Enjoyed ‘Greta Thunberg is a time traveller’ making an appearance on this, next to ‘Stevie Wonder isn’t blind’.


You and the Massive Attack twitter sharing this today.

I haven’t had a chance to really enjoy it.

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The pink section is the sweet spot of outlandish enough to be hilarious, but not so serious it’s terrifying.

Should be much higher up imo.

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Should probably be staying late at work and trying to do some damage control but i’m going to meet my friend for beer and pizza cuz fuck it. Reckon there’s a 25% chance i might just walk out tomorrow. To the pub!

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My first gousto attempt need to work on finely chopping


Remember the Rainy Day.


You lot are good Internet detectives. Can anyone tell me who did this artwork?

Absolutely love it. The book sounds weirdly great too but would like to see if the artist does anything similar to buy as a print, love the Songs Ohia vibes :heart:

you put the rice on the wrong side


also forgot the sesame seeds, might down them as a shot

definitely not going to go through this faff more than once a week, so think I will balance out with ready meals. am impressed with the sushi rice though, normally my attempts at rice are water logged blandness but this tastes pretty good, might try some poke bowls

Hey hey

Had some potatoes and veg and stuff for tea

Was fine

Waiting on the bake off final now. Going to have tea and chocolate with it reckon. #goguiseppe

As far as I know we’re just heading in for the paperwork then coming straight back :frowning:

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Feral people in forests

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Got a pay rise as job was regraded.
Did no work to celebrate.
Still stuck in house of covid, though only oldest kid has it.
Probably gonna play some dark souls 2 and have a few drinks as off work tmrw……to stay in the house all day looking after 2 kids :weary::grimacing::man_facepalming:


pizza en route. 2 more days of isolation. swapped subscription thing to nowtv so gonna watch some tvnow


Oooo I love this one from that article

Sorry this was meant to reply to @Hostile_17

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Hell of a festival lineup