It's the wednesday evening time thread


Having a salad for tea :pensive: gotta be in work before 9 tomorrow so really need an early night but guaranteed i wont. Got too much stuff to do innit.

What’s for tea? Owt else going on?

eric xo

Off to London Town tomorrow for the weekend. Canny wait. Currently having a wee pint before heading up the road to pack and make some food. :beers:

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In Munich airport. Not many veggie options in the only airside restaurant but managed to cobble this together.


Waiting for my takeaway at the Thai place

Gonna catch the bus home, eat, put the little one to bed (we’re reading Swallows & Amazons atm) and then watch some Uefa

That’s it

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Bout to have some dinner (2 spring rolls, a schnitzel, rice + green beans) and squeeze in some more worktime before bed. Start selling tickets for all my festival events tomorrow :scream:


Evening all!

It’s been a very long day of nothing much at all.

Wor Lass made cubanos for tea, which were very good.

I’m playing football in a bit which will either blow some cobwebs away or derail my self-esteem completely. I’ve been shit the last few weeks as a result of tiredness and match-fitness so I’m sadly expecting the latter.

Took 7 year old down to tennis courts. Wants me to take him 5 days a week :grimacing::roll_eyes:
Having a gin and lemonade and should be preparing for a presentation to some higher ups in the office tmrw but watching footy and having a few drinks is more fun so will do that.

Hello Eric, hello everyone :wave:

Managed to tick off everything on my to do list today which is always a nice feeling.
Got absolutely soaked when I had to go out though :triumph:
No idea what tonight holds tbh. Still feeling a bit :brain: :toilet: so probs just drinking tea and taking turns staring at the tv, phone and laptop :partying_face:

Hope everyone has more exciting evenings!


Feeling like shite, but in positive news, we’re awaiting a Chinese takeaway and we’re going to make the kids watch The Goonies.


In a Canadian themed placed, about to have “real” poutine and a Boilermaker, then quiz time

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Just found the perfect artist to do something for A Project. Thought he’d ask for like £500. How wrong I was :sob:

Had avocado, rosemary and mushroom on toast. Top notch woodland tasting dinner.


Long ol’ day and now I’m very tired. Making burgers for tea though and then probably just watch TV till bedtime, as is my wont.


For the first time in months I don’t feel overwhelmed with my workload, which is nice. Had a pretty good and productive but not stressful day.

Got pizza in the oven :pizza: and am going to drink (herbal) tea and watch shit tv/work on my website some more.


How much did he ask for?

It’s just beer and a bourbon on the side! Is that what you thought?


Making a korma. Gonna have it with jeera rice and roti. Beer, TV, bed as per. Pfft.


Always exciting when Judge Judy has to go in her little office and make a phone call.


Oh i thought you put the bourbon in the beer