It's the wednesday evening time thread

£2k “absolute minimum” for a logo and another 3 icons. Which is fine, I want him to get paid fairly but he did say he loved my idea and really wanted to support it/indies and I’d already said I was low income and that he could have as long as he wanted to produce them. Like, he said that’s the price he’d always ask of anyone, so I don’t know why he said he wanted to support it/me then and just give me his standard rate :joy:

Was home at the madly early hour of 4.15

So of course I made a lasagne

Was great.

Now it’s dog walk, chaammmpppions and bed


Beans on toast for dinner because I had a bigger lunch. Pub quiz in about an hour. That’s all.

All for me


Just realised that I have truly become a commuter (1 or 2 days a week anyway) by recognising a guy on the evening train who I saw on the morning train. Weird.

Next time I shall, just for you

At the theatre with some friends, to see a play that I suggested. Was already feeling the pressure of this better be good cos it was my idea to come…
We are the youngest people here by at least 20 years… :grimacing:


Had a fish finger baguette for tea. It was good.

Now being annoyed by/trying to entertain the dog


Cracked my phone screen. Completely my own fault.

Cold. Miserable. Poured a wine. May be maudlin tonight sorry.


Korma was dead good. Jeera rice was dead good. Roti was dead good. Dead good


Making the coconut rice, butternut squash, broccoli thing from green roasting tin with salmon. I will take one bite of the salmon and go “I’ve really gone off salmon” and then just eat the rice.

Below deck sailing followed by more Hacks.

The entrance and entrance hall of the square Victorian house was a disaster area when they bought it in 1975. The carpet was fluffed with cement dust and it had the canary yellow colour of Hitler’s Winter Palace.

There were boards and signs everywhere – but Tommy had an electrician turn on the lights and tell him: “Buy this house. I’ll bring your wife out and make her a star.”

Then Tommy had the house plastered with the highest quality plaster. Every corner had to be perfect.

Tommy’s fame was increasing and he wanted every cent back. But the boss of the big firm didn’t have the funds. So he gave them the equivalent of a silver hammer instead.

The weight was equal to about £30,000 – the salary of an average chartered accountant. Tommy and his wife used the hammer to smash the first marble bust of Hitler he found in the sitting room.

When the second one was found, they broke it over the head of Adolf himself. “Next time I’ll buy it,” Tommy told the dealer. “Your mistake’s ruined’’

Just a little story me and an AI wrote together that I can’t stop laughing at.
The carpet was fluffed with cement dust is the best line the internet has ever written.

Home cooked Thai food and Luca or Big Hero 7 I think. I am absolutely devoid of juice

listening to a bit of U2. No one and i mean no one tell @Kallgeese :relaxed: :grinning:

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Having s cup of tea. At this hour.

Grand idea.

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Mrs F bought these flamingo shot glasses and I really can’t decide whether they’re awful or great

  • Awful
  • Great
  • Both

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Filling in applications for things and my god do I not want to.

Hold me.

Please, where are they from?! This is urgent

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Look at this beetle! Look at it: