It's the wednesday evening time thread

Absolute nightmare fuel, that, but reminds me of this


Made some nice fried rice with leftover carrots and tenderstem broccoli and crispy tofu.

The current tofu method is to press it for a few hours, then freeze it for a day, then fully defrost, press again, tear it up by hand rather than make even cubes and marinade in whatever you have to hand. Good stuff.

About to tuck into some grapes. I am finding this Ellroy novel quite hard to read but I really should try get through it

Also unfortunately I have a white wash on so I’ll need to stick that out to dry before I go to bed.

Look they put up this whole video

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if you licked it it would taste like a stick of rock

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My mum used “Murphy’s jaw” in a text instead of Murphy’s law

Not going to let her forget that one any time soon


Murphy’s love is like Murphy’s jaw. Hard and fast.

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Evening, played football.

Have felt a bit ropey today, hope feel better tomorrow.

Got into bed and left a cup of tea brewing, not sure i cba getting up to get it.

feeling a bit ill this week, not sure what’s brought it on. not vomity but quite pooey. bit grim.

had 2 negative covid tests since it started so doesn’t seem to be that at least.

heading to my parents’ on Saturday and then out for joint birthday meal/drinks on Saturday night with hometown pals (my birthday included) so hope i’m feeling a bit less zonked by then

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Thank you :blush:

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I’ve since revised my opinion of them to just ‘great’ with no awful.

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Just listened to Radiohead for probably the first time in two years, they are still pretty good.


I get that sometimes when I drink the stout.

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Sounds like a fucking hurricane outside. Weather websites are all “yeah, rain and wind, but essentially fine”

Doesn’t sound that fine to me