It's Thurs Eve, innit

Ah mate, your working life will never be the same. Hope it’s ok. And remember work isn’t important any more

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Home. Joloff rice with some.kind of vegetarian grill.

Have a load of looming dread about stuff happening at work and can’t stop myself going over and over stuff. Urgh. Hate it

Had loads of profile views in the last few days and thought ‘ooh I’m popular’ but then I just realised it was because I changed my avatar.


Proper cupboard dinner.

Quorn mince, Courgettes, tinned toms, chillies and pine nuts.

No more sensible carbs so got it with linguine. Odd but really tasty

I’ve just looked at my profile view stats for the first time in ages. Fuck, who’s looking at my profile? (I mean, I don’t mind, but it does seem like a lot of views)

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Me now! I’ve just checked mine and I’ve no idea if it’s gone up in the last day cause I don’t know what it was before.

‘74 75’ is on a B&Q advert. 26 years it’s taken to finally get recognition for the song of the 90s.


It’s because you disappear all the time :woman_shrugging:

What are you expecting me to do? Jump out from behind my profile? :smiley:

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Evening kids,

Crap drive home tonight - had an errand to do before heading home then there were two lanes closed on the a23. Sausage and mash for dinner tonight, but too knackered to make gravy. Might start a new tune in Ableton tonight.

No I think people probably notice you’re gone and then look to see when you last posted. That’s what I do when I notice someone hasn’t been around for a while.

Who knows where you’re lurking when you disappear. Might even be on the music board, but we’ll never know because it’s too scary to check

When I notice he’s gone I can’t see his profile through the tears tbf.


I know. I was just being flippant. It’s nice to know that people care x

When you upgrade to super user you get audio reminders every day about your favourite users.

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Who does the voice?

Update: was my fault

Sean obvs. That’s why he’s so busy.

1 Like, Jessie J, Tom Jones, that bloke from the Kaiser Chiefs


I’m assuming you’re making a joke about The Voice here, I’ve never seen it.