It's Thursday already

Hello, how are you?

I’m good, thanks for asking. It’s my last day in Italy and I’m off to Bergamo, which I’ve heard is a bit of alright.

Just had a McDonald’s breakfast, they don’t have hash browns here, so what’s the point. I regret it.


Alright Jook. How was Florence?

Probably in for a shitty day tbh. We’ll see

Aw why shitty?

I liked Florence a lot but I’m surprised that I much preferred Rome. Still had a very nice time.

You know when you have that feeling and you just know it will be. That.

Rome is pretty damn special tbh. I spent 5 days there and didn’t get to see it all.

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Morning Juke, rich, all.

Just woke up from a dream where I was in a covers band with @Scout @NeilYoung and @anon75298087 and we played Any Way You Want It and November Rain in a massive pub and everyone went crazy for it.

Off to Exeter this morning to my first ever boss (and family friend)'s funeral. He was a sweary, brilliant, old school French chef whose family hid resistance fighters in their flour mill during the war. Taught me a lot so I’ve been very reflective and a bit sad about it.


Morning all! I’m going to see Avengers Endgame in less than 5 hours! Soooooo hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype! Think I might rewatch Infinity War this morning to set the proper mood.


Woke up by myself at 7:30 even though I only went to sleep at 1ish. Definite sign of too much to do, I can literally sleep all day otherwise.

The smaller of the two things I’m currently editing is going to print TODAY though, and the bigger one next week. Phew!

Weather’s not great here today but I suspect all the allergics I know will be loving it.

I’m way behind on Marvel films. For shame.

Sake. Just sat on the wrong train and managed to realise just before it left. Could have been headed to Napoli


Imagine me as that nun with the bell from Game of Thrones

oh no it’s time for work and I’m ill

Save it for the filth thread, sister

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Rest of the new range sounds lovely (hog roast sarnie, bang bang prawn noodle salad, katsu sando, sriracha chicken wrap, vegan Carribbean chickpea wrap), but a vindaloo sarnie???

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feel totally shattered, like a weeks worth of riding a bike has just caught up with me.

off work though so that’s good. might go and see avengers infinity world crisis part 2 later idk

would eat

@Scunner Make sure you go to old town Bergamo not new town. It’s pretty small mind you but very pretty. Plus you get a funicular up to it

Got a persistent headache, think its because I’ve fallen off the wagon vegan-wise. Need to stop eating chocolate.

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Omg yes love a funicular, that’s where I’ll be heading today.

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why didn’t I book the rest of the week off ffs



Morning! Another day, another meeting this time a curriculum one in the British Library where, and I always mention this, you can find a poem I wrote as a bairn.

On a bit of a health kick lately so looking to fit in a different discipline around my cycling days. Thinking yoga because of my hero Ryan Giggs. Any tips/YouTube vids for a complete novice @grievoustim @meowington @yogaheads

Morning Jezza

I know lots of people like you tube yoga, but I can’t get on with it. I just find it too hard to follow what’s going on on the screen, so I end up breaking position all the time.

I really need to find a new class actually, need to get on that