It's Thursday Evening everyone!

We all made it! Well done!

Just found an empty window seat. No idea what plans are or dinner is going to be yet. How about you?

Trying to hold off on eating the best banana bread I’ve ever made for as long as possible.

Not sure I’m going to last another 15 minutes, if I’m honest.


How on earth do you know it’s the best you’ve made if you’ve not eaten it yet?

I had a slice this morning.

Ate my reduced wasabi curry while standing at the bus stop. Might be a new low. Off to get beery at band practice now. l8rs

Smart. There ain’t no getting one past Epimer.

might have some fun this evening

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Job trailers air conditioning has shit the bed, that’s all i needed to hear. I’m out of here!

Just sent the application off for a cool writing thingy

I’d cross my fingers but it may impede my physical ability to write well

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Might watch Rushmore. Feels like a nice day to watch Rushmore

Hi @anon76851889 and chums!

Evening in on my own tonight as @avery has band practice. Still feeling a bit blue, will try to read but not sure I fancy it. Would like to watch a good romantic film but not sure any exist.

Convo I had at work yesterday
Work pal - Have you introduced yourself to the new summer placement person? He’s just in the kitchen now, you should say hi.
Me - No, I’m too shy
Work pal - You’re too spicy to be shy!

So there you go.

Have a lovely evening, all x


likednrthis pos is reallh a ballache to tpe so

lesson lesemrd


I have managed to get out! Too early, it turns out. Trying to hide at the back of a bar and slowly sip a half until it is a reasonable time to stand outside the venue.


Some sort of prawn stir fry for tea. Not really hungry as we had a late late lunch though. Kiddo has been a dickhead this evening, so hoping she’ll go to sleep ok.


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Usually walk hope from badminton but ym back is close to being fucked so not doing that.

Someone tell me how to fix my back?

@laelfy where is this hockey thing being played this weekend?

Beginning to miss @anon19035908

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Did he leave DiS?

I was wondering where he was earlier!