It's Thursday Evening everyone!

House to myself all evening, so you know what that means :wink::wink::wink:

Out with a bunch a pals who are up and from London etc.
Was nearly knocked over earlier, to the point where I had both hands in the dash and the lady driving was going fucking tonto.
All good though, we now have lots of food and liquor. :+1:

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Wheres the wizard robe and hat?

I’m wearing them.


Take it to the compliments thread already

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Off for a few beers with an old work friend, fav brewery has two new things out I haven’t tried yet so that’s exciting!* Good weather for a walk to so gonna get those steps in - living it so large.

(*citation needed)

Pokemon porn?

Made a fucking bollocks of a tagine but my GF rescued it. Absolutely broke until Thursday next which is a pain.

Hope everyone has a good evening!

Brief greetings from Prague! Family CCB European Tour has been just brilliant so far :slight_smile:


Obligatory hardship fund mention

Hockey stadium at the far end of Glasgow green

I mentioned the robe and wizard hat to a friend (aged 25), she had no idea what I was talking about

damn zoomers (are 25 year olds zoomers?), they know nothing of of western culture

Oh it’s my birthday today too :partying_face:




Would you evening dwellers purchase this

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know/care

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Happy birthday ccb! Hope you’re having a fabulous time

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Yup looks sharp and would suit you I think

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Can’t help but thinking I was in the wrong :grimacing::grinning:

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Saw someone chasing a car down Victoria rd on Saturday after almost being run over, no idea who was in the right but was very funny.

Cheers Unlucky. Might buy it tomorrow.