It's Thursday Evening everyone!

Happy birthday ccb!!!

Enjoying this slightly mad cheesecake flavoured beer and watching a. Shit film on Netflix

Had a long day innit


Having a dance and sing to my fave Elbow songs with the baby :relaxed: TV is making apple and rhubarb crumble :yum:


Semi agreed to meet a friend in the pub tonight, but it looks like it’s about to absolutely belt down, so I might give that a miss I think (I’m seeing him on the weekend for another pal’s birthday do in any event).

Going to order a couple of usb b to usb c cables in a bit

Living my best life


Happy birthday CCB!!!

Got home at 3.30am, went to work then played 5 a side. Often I have a foot like a trampoline but jeez it’s bad when I’m knackered

Bought half a kilo of goats cheese home so that will be the centrepiece of our meals the next couple days. Golden

I wouldn’t but it’d probably suit you.

I think I might have decided on my new stereo and speakers.

I’ve only been doing my research since May.

Hahaha. Is it a compliment? What does it even mean?!
No one ever believe me when I say I’m shy either but it’s true.

It’s been so much fun so far :slight_smile:

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Would you rather be mild than spicy??

Is ‘spicy’ not a synonym for ‘feisty’?

I had two students use it in slightly different ways before the summer and assumed it was a new fashionable thing to say because of TOWIE or Love Island.


just videogames, nothing exciting sorry!

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Happy birthday!
001 emot-toot

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Just had the best bbq in Aberdeen. Amazing


I like that you’re basically eating your way around Scotland

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Safebruvs drive in diners and dives


Woah that’s so weird I just changed the channel from that after it came on after bake off. Had never heard of it before.

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I don’t know what’s going on with the birds tonight but they’re driving me insane. One has been rattling for about 2 hours non-stop…guess a mistle thrush, though never heard it so sustained, now the bastard magpies are joining in. They’re making me really on edge!

Happy Happy Birthday @colon_closed_bracket - looks like you’re having an absolutely ace time :slightly_smiling_face:

Evening other pals! How’s it going? Went for a half after work so I could spend a bit of time reading. At home now, prepped up a veggie pasta bake that’s now in the oven and Silver Jews are playing over the stereo.

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