It's Thursday Evening! Thread Time

Hola! We finished our work early today so taking the boys out for celebratory beers :beers::beers::+1::+1:

How’s everyone doing this evening?



I’m making a NICE risotto


Evening @NeilYoung and everyone else.

Beautiful evening here in West Norfolk

Nothing much planned. Am absolutely ravenous, which shows how dependent I am on snack food.


On the plus side, the anaesthetic is wearing off and I’m not dribbling any more.

On the minus side, the anaesthetic is wearing off and the pain is coming back through.

Nice to come home to her after a shocking day :heart:

Have to go feed some other cats now, but they’re so large and it’s raining out :sob::sob:


Evening Neil. It’s raining here and I still have a bit of work to do. Made some courgette pizzas :thinking: and chicken for dinner. Tomorrow’s Friday!

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A story in two parts



Holy smokes 650 unread messages in the DiS album of the century thread. Worth reading?



Still in work. Trying to get people’s heads out of their arse about freaking margins when things go wrong, some things are more important.

Evening. Chips for dinner!

More exciting news later.

More beef in there than a Texas steakhouse, Neil, if you’re going in go armed.



Something avocado-ish for tea. Don’t know what yet.

This afternoon I have remembered that I’m away in Brighton for the weekend, staying in a motorhome. I had genuinely completely forgotten about it. Should probably get myself organised; but I’ll probably put it off until tomorrow.

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Now that’s a lot of beef! No thank you!

whats on the pizza’s?

Mole enchiladas for tea and masterchef/gbbo catch up marathon :pray:

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Just mozzarella, tomato puree, red onion and oregano - bit of a stretch calling them pizzas really :slightly_smiling_face:

Due to a very early start today, R is already asleep! I may shortly be joining him.

In a very not surprising turn of events, R’s dad has cancelled in him for tomorrow! I
On the day I had plans! Luckily my mum is off work so I can still have plans, which is good as I am very attached to my plans.

Hope you all have enjoyable evenings.

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I might have exactly the same evening as I had last night, exactly.

Even I haven’t read most of them, and it’s my thread.

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