It's Thursday Evening!

Evening all,

I can’t see an evening thread yet so here we go.

How is everyone? How was your day? Evening plans?

I’ve been in the office today with the rest of my team, which was nice, and we got to see the new area we’ll be sitting in (it’s an upgrade from where we previously were) so that’s a bit exciting. Tired though, that commuting business takes it out of you! Home now, paella in the oven and i’m having a glass of red from the bottle I opened last night.


Still really hungry after dinner and have no desserts in so I’m going to make a ginger pudding. Recipe says it serves 6, so Dr Mrs Epimer said “ooh we can take the rest round to next door”

Can we fuck.


and they say romance is dead


Went to the beach

Was fun and only drizzled a bit.

Went out for lunch and ate so much that no dinner is required. Might have a wine though

Beautiful landscape and additional cheeky photobomb…


Not now darling, I’m baking


I had half an hour to myself this afternoon so I thought I’d pop round the shops in Truro to see if I could buy something waterproof, except most of the shops were closed before five. What’s that all about? So I went and got a pint instead.

We’re only here one more full day anyway, so I’ll just put up with whatever the weather is. At the moment it says it’s not going to rain, but then it said that before we headed down here which lead to my predicament so :man_shrugging:

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Orzo tonight. Tasty. I’m bad at portion sizes.


We were in Melksham the other day! I wore a jumpsuit in your honour.

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I lasted a week in the peaks with rain and nonsense with no practical footwear, no jumper and no decent coat.

It was fine. :star_struck: Stay strong!


Oooh amazing! Let me know next time and come for a cup of tea :cake: I hope you saw the sights…:rofl:

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Nothing to report really. Saw the kids for the first time in 12 days yesterday and they stayed over. That was ace. We watched an Adam Sandler film, Big Daddy. They laughed a lot! Counting down the days till Sunday now when they come back to me and we disappear to West Wales for 8 days. Cannot. Fucking. Wait.


Good evening!

Went and did a Maize maze this morning which was quite fun. There was also a sunflower maze there…

Made rainbow cous cous this afternoon

Had that and a salmon fillet for tea.

Just about to take the dog for a quick walk and then there’s a bottle of Ubu that’s been in the pantry for a few weeks that might get drunk when I get back.


When you mentioned the Maze earlier today I had a horrible flashback to a family holiday in 2017 when me the ex and the kids got properly lost and confused in a massive privet hedge maze in Dorset somewhere. Started to panic after about 25 minutes, kids were loving it but kept running off so it was a nightmare to keep us all together. Eventually found our way out the wrong way and noticed a sign by the entrance that we’d ignored on the way in. It had a mobile phone number on it just in case you got lost. What a muppet I am.

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Nephew didnt recognise me, jumped off the sofa and ran away shouting ‘Mummy’ when i went towards him.

We’re friends now as i made him laugh by getting his sister and also picking him up and holding him above me head and saying ‘what you doing up there?’


Then when they were leaving he kept saying ‘are you coming?’ :cry:

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excellent pic :grinning:

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I’ve eaten so much food today.

Standard Thursday as in its my day off but I had two meetings first thing.

Last night the TV asked me to a family party this weekend with M as other kids will be there and he thought she’d have a nice time, bought a family and friends railcard now that I have to actually pay for her and its worked out, even with the railcard fee, LOADS cheaper than if I was going alone. So in future I’m going to have to take some sort of small mannequin on solo train trips with me, I mean, I should surely get the discount even when I’m alone given that I literally pushed a human out of my body. Don’t make me go everywhere with her too.

Anyway, I’m sort of now dreading it as I’m going to be meeting literally his entire family whilst with my own very tiny but hyperactive one and I won’t be able to mutter for fucks sake or threaten her with any santa is watching you stuff in front of them. She will instantly realise this and take me for all she can.

Meant to be making a quick mackerel pate for packed lunch stuff but it can wait until morning, sorry me of tomorrow morning.



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My mum just brought me a roast chicken dinner in bed. It was so nice of her it made me cry :sob:

Thinking more and more that I want to move away from the city… been finding it all a bit overwhelming lately. Since Ive been back at my Mums I haven’t had the tv on or listened to music because the quiet is so nice. When I went to sleep last night I turned off the lights and it was pitch black. No street noise, no light from the street lights, no noisy neighbours.

Anyway, hello :wave:


I do the most basic one possible, just mackerel, some vegan yoghurt (the sheer hypocrisy of the vegan choice there :see_no_evil:, sorry fish) and lemon and pepper. It’s so good even then.

Which reminds me, on holiday I did some baked potatoes on the camp fire and we had them with loads of butter, massive dollops of this really good salmon pate from a local farm shop and some big wedges of brie melting between the salmon and frankly, no better holiday memory will ever be made.