It's Thursday, I think

What’s occurring?

Today’s my friday, very very tired

More pointless battles about pointless things at work. Otherwise, not much occurring. Quiet, grey Thursday.

I’m having a really long massage tomorrow which is gonna be SWEET.

My Friday too, also really tired.

Off to Paris tomorrow (thanks for all of your very helpful suggestions yesterday) to see Caetano Veloso play and spend a few days in a different country.

Today will be desperately trying to finish all the work I need to get done, and pack for an early start.


CAETANO!!! Lucky!

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Alright? Already been at work for an hour. Got a fucking ton of bright beer to prepare now for people so that’ll be me wet and sticky for the rest of the day. Thursday!

Don’t think you’re supposed to pour it over yourself.

Morning lovelies.

Waiting for the ocado man to show up then off to shop to buy supplies for our camping trip…

Heading off for a few nights with my kids, my lifetime bestie and her kids so that will be excellent. And only 20 minutes away :star_struck:

Sun is trying to come out.


In the office :eyes:

clearing out my locker from March or whenever… not much tbh. Think I got rid of all food stuff etc.

walked in as its a nice day. got a proper sweaty back though :unamused:

Been here 20 minutes and the sound of people on teams calls is already testing me :expressionless:

Woke up way too early

Morning. Just sat around waiting for the cricket to start.

Going to Bundobust later.


Had about 4 hours sleep, waiting at the hospital for about the millionth time in a week to see if this silly, silly baby has turned head down

Definitely going to get a coffee after this :expressionless::sleeping::yawning_face:

Kohli went there on Tuesday.

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Tipped my full cup of coffee off the table and it went all over the floor, the sofa and my bum :upside_down_face:

Aye i saw and liked your post about it in the Cricket thread.

Alright mate I don’t keep a log. Jesus

I now have 5 minutes to drink my replacement cup of coffee, clean teeth+mouthwash, shower and dress and be just a few minutes late for work.

  • Building a poll is definitely a sensible use of your time right now
  • You’ll make it! (to work just 5 mins late)
  • You’ll be 15 minutes late
  • You haven’t even factored in kissing Winnie goodbe on her furry little forehead, you’re going to be very late

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All the best people were upside down babies.

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You shouldn’t have done that imo

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