It's Thursday, it's the evening

What is happening?

Also bonus, what has happened? What is about to happen?


I’m becoming really boring.

It’s becoming full blown.

Really hungry now.


I had to work until about 7 but TODAY IS MY FRIDAY so I don’t mind.

There’s some guy djing down the road from me outside. He’s next to a care home so I guess it’s for that. Just played guns and roses.

Reckon I’m gonna read for a bit and get an early night


Clapping is happening


At work.
Don’t think I’ve ever been less up for a constant stretch of work from Thursday evening to Saturday morning in my life

Quite a loud clap tonight after it was really quiet the last two weeks


Was supposed to be getting a delivery today but I’ve had a email from the delivery company to say that - rather alarmingly - it’s been delayed by “an emergency situation or extreme weather”. Given it’s being delivered from England it’s hardly likely to be the latter today. Hope the van driver hasn’t had an accident.

Same here, though weirdly nothing from the neighbour who was out last week with saucepan and wooden spoon making a racket. Ah, here come the fireworks :expressionless:

Same here. Feel a bit guilty about not bothering now, but no one did last week.

Would have had to disturb the cat that’s currently asleep on top of me, mind.

If you want to be a fully fledged bike person you need to switch to km

(you don’t, just having grown up watching pro cycling I can only understand cycling distances in metric so I have no concept of how far you have gone)

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1 firework = 1 respect for are brave NHS


Walked in from work to clapping which was weird. We’re in a terrace with a green in the middle and then a row of terraces opposite facing us. Basically ran a gauntlet of clapping families, all whilst in my uniform. Strange. Also saw a guy dressed in one of those inflatable dinosaur costumes which made me smile.

Pasta bake and garlic bread for tea. A cuppa non booze and bed. Back into work early tomorrow


Evening :slight_smile:

What’s happening? We’re just back from the beach :slight_smile:



Went with the expectation that we’d probably have to turn around because of gridlocked roads or hordes of people, but it was relatively quiet. Not empty, but really easy to keep a good distance from people.

What’s going to happen? Probably gonna watch Fargo


Drinking wine

Drinking G&T

Drinking whisky


About 24kms


Anyway… Good evening

Rubbish day full of tantrums and being far too hot. Got heat rash all over my arms and have scratched at that too much so now really sore.

Desperate for a proper cold, refreshing drink but only have beer and tonight should really be a dry night. Need to get some nice softs in.

Probably going to play tetris for a bit, maybe with this weeks Deerhoof listening club album on too. It is a film club night but missing out because I am bad with horror, should make the next one all the more fun though hopefully.

Thank you, this is something which I can make sense of!

Cawstons rhubarb in the fridge for me.

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Might just spend the evening dicking around in the Dream Setlists thread on the music board

thanks @discobot and happy business evening everyone


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