It's Thursday! (Little bit of thanks)

Morning lovelies…sun is out and I have no plans for the day. How about you?

Rather hoping mrS brings me some tea soon.

If you wish then do contribute to thankful Thursday by saying one thing you are grateful for. I am very pleased that my seeds are growing in my make do porch greenhouse.


Hey slicky. Up with the kiddo. Cooking her and my wife up some porridge and listening to the wrens. No real plans today, may pop out for milk and salad bits on my daily exercise


What you slaughtering?? :laughing:

I am thinking of doing porridge with honeycomb crumb and banana for breakfast.


Oh’, y’know , working


Been for a run.
Had some toast and a coffee.
Nearly time for work :eyes:
Later… :man_shrugging:

Who is getting some takeaway later…

  • KFC
  • Burger King
  • Pret
  • Littlegirlpullingaface.gif

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I’m thankful for… err… dunno :man_shrugging: I’ll get back to you :thinking:

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Milk :grimacing:


Good morning. I think I’ve got meetings all day, but the kind where I don’t actually need to contribute anything, so I am thankful for that. And also that nobody expects me to leave the house any more.

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Feeling thankful for the silly baby


Oh and feeling thankful for the family :heart:


Good morning Slicky, good morning Rich and Matt and Jordan and Epimer and Aphex, good morning DiS!

Bored of cleaning things now. Feeling thankful for the various humans and animals in this house keeping me entertained in the garden.


Morning Slicky and etc

Bit hungover because bad choices.

Not having a good parenting morning and feeling very guilty for being rubbish to R :frowning:

Absolutely need to do some form of exercise today but everything is daunting to outright scary.

Just want to go back to bed and cry tbh.

Thankful for dis giving me somewhere to moan.


And do it is Thursday. Morning everyone, I am thankful for all of you, my family too, and the start of each new day - also a gentle shout out to Earl Grey tea, a small pleasure that helps a lot. Small work to do today, might do some music, who knows? Stay well, stay safe!

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Just did a group workout on my bike with a pal. I am very grateful that technology exists so that I can do that. It’s a lovely way to start the day.

I am also grateful for Animal Crossing.

I need a shower and breakfast please.


thank you coffee. you are always there for me :pray:


There are a lot of exercise things on YouTube could you do one of those? Cosmic kids yoga or BBC supermovers with R? Look at gonoodle…free and lots of fun dances etc to copy…


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He never wants to do anything so I’ve just given up with him. He runs about enough and goes for walks/runs/scoots with my mum or brother too, so he’s fine probably.

I need something for me but anxiety is making it impossible to go outside and anything at home I don’t really have the space or time because everyone is always about. Really struggle following videos too.

morning all :wave:

my video interviews yesterday ended up being phone interviews :expressionless: I have two more today :expressionless::expressionless: don’t even really have to say anything as someone else is leading the calls, but just find it a not very fun way to spend an hour. oh well, work quiz later today might be alright?

only two days left til two days off - can I be thankful for that or is that too boring?


got no work to do until someone emails me

no idea when that will be so


On my way to school. Might take some pics of my classroom looking so deserted. I’m so glad it’s me and my TA on shift for today as luck would have it!


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.