It's Thursday night now

Alright? Local Indian for dinner

Trying to stave off the ol’ depression with food, beer and TV for the evening, hbu?


That looks ace.

I’m going to do some washing and cleaning that I’ve been putting off for a bit too long. Got a bit of the sads and had a terrible sleep last night so might move the weekend takeaway forward and enjoy that while I watch some of the football and The Apprentice.

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Had steak and onions. Making a reading list for the year and trying to not let it become another source of stress. Then will play Dead Cells I think


Got a chicken roasting in the oven with some garlic + rosemary sweet potato chips for dinner.

Just TV watching on the agenda as usual.

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Having a venison stew thing at dads, might watch Kind Hearts and Coronets for some vintage entertainment also


still in work :weary:

Evening all.

Off work at the mo so been up the coast. Cold but rewarding.

Took the kids to the aquarium as well, which was a lot of fun.

Had a fully flat tyre on the way back and changed the wheel myself. Genuinely a little bit proud of myself for that.


Had a cracking gym session. Gonna have a light lunch and then pack for holiday

Having another picky tea. Cycled the island again today.

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Quiche, chips & beans for tea

Off to the pub in about an hour


First day back at work after xmas today. Not too busy thankfully

Now I’m waiting for my boyfriend to cook dinner and doing some knitting


Just destroyed the dinner by adding lemon juice to it

I’m guessing it wasn’t pancakes then

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Working for another 4hrs. Loads of sickness today, so on properly skeleton crew numbers tonight. Fed up of life. January eh.

Scampered about getting the wean to the doctor’s and finding her somewhere that had stock of the antiobiotics she needed. The doctor had said if the pharmacy didn’t have it then they’d substitute it for the nearest equivalent. Got to the pharmacy and they didn’t have it and said nowhere else would and that because of her age they couldn’t substitute a different antibiotics and i’d have to speak to the doctor again - phoned the doctor about 30 times and i couldn’t get through.

Went to another pharmacy and they had the drugs but would have to come back in an hour.

Anyway, got them in the end but had had a bit of a runaround so ended up with a takeaway for dinner - caution diet chat (despite starting counting calories yesterday). Might have a beer later. Can’t be alone in this but when i stumble in a diet, i just say fuck it and go overboard.

Evening all :wave:

Making a Quorn chilli but I think I’ve got the flavour balance wrong somehow. I’ll sort it I’m sure.

Gonna have a Thursday beer and watch some Schitts Creek again. Nearly weeeeeeeeeeeeeekend!

Tooth is less painful but still very unpleasant.

The cat has done something utterly repulsive and i can’t look at him anymore.

Can’t stop eating coleslaw.

Watching the original Whisky Galore instead