It's Thursday night

What’s happening? Just had a mikkeller and now I’m on the sofa. Need to cook a big chilli to use up meat but I can’t be bothered

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evening everyone

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Good evening! Here is a picture of Mogwai with a golden can of tennents

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Things are good. Very good.


Think about how much future stupid sexy flander will enjoy that chilli.

Just drank loads of free booze at work now off to pub quiz. Can’t be bothered.

I am about to eat dinner and watch Masterchef, and have just been following whatever the hell’s going on in Macedonia via Twitter (as far as I can tell: protesters broke into their parliament after the government elected an ethnic Albanian as speaker of the house, massive brawl ensued, leader of the opposition, MPs and journalists injured + one MP seriously injured).

initially thought it was just like when there was a scrap in the Ukrainian parliament and it was hilarious and an MP picked the Prime Minister up [ ], but no, much more serious by the sounds of it.

(god i’m such a geek)

In Brighton awaiting seeing messer chups, worked out my journey home will be train to Woking arriving at 2am then a £30 taxi journey. Dedicated to Russian surf

Evenin’ all. Just preparing some email lists for tomorrow for promo purposes. Going to have a few beers while watching the match and then I’m off to an improv gig. Modular synths a-go-go!

a pure jazz festival is taking place this weekend. i stood in the city square earlier and admired a delightful street performance by a pure jazz band. only for a few minutes though, cos i had places to be (


Finished a pretty long day of proofreading – including completely freaking out at one point this afternoon because my editor-in-chief claimed he hadn’t received anything I’d sent him all week – so now I’m going to have some wine and fags on the balcony. Still a bit cold to be sitting outside, but then again I am stealing my sister’s wine, so it all evens out.

(i am going to check out this band)


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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at The BFI for me tonight.

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it’s good but it’s not right


Hey all, been pretty rough today.

Just had a can of Vocatips to make me feel human again.

Just watched the monorail episode of the simpsons, bloody brilliant.

Hungry, probably just eat some ice cream.

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Wasn’t aware this video is a bit sleazy

Today I went to the museum of broken relationships and this was one of the contributions -

Also I went to a metal bar that was so metal it was called Valhalla, the barman was wearing a Burzum shirt and while I was there they played the whole of Irreligious by Moonspell :metal:



I know the name kind of gives it away but I never knew this.

Hi by the way!