It's Thursday Night!


Had a pretty nothingy day here, both still feeling very down and unfestive, tried to put the tree up again and discovered the lights don’t work so we’ll have another go tomorrow! Chilli for tea and probably more Malcolm In The Middle then an early night as the cat has an early appointment at the vet tomorrow.

Anyway, what a long, boring post, tell me what you’re up to!

Good evening Mr Funk

I’m mustering the energy to go to Tesco.

That is the extent of my evening :woman_shrugging:

Have a party food buffet dinner, that’s my advice.

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Hey Marty fuckhouse. Sorry you’re feeling flat atm. Tough this time of year in retail. Hope you can enjoy your week off at least.

Had roasted butternut squash and pea risotto for tea. Drinking Pimm’s and listening to Dylan. Probably do bath and bed with the kiddo in a bit. Spent too much on Christmas treats (beer) for myself today. Productive day having sorted my niece and nephews Christmas pressies

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My ATD and his girlfriend are expecting their first kid in a couple
Of weeks. I ordered a wee present and it turned up today, man how cute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relaxed:



Might have a booze for the first time since Saturday. Should probably do some present sorting / wrapping.

Frittata for dinner, it was a bit beige tbh.

Evening all!

Made this for tea:

Recipe in @Acorn’s veggie recipe thread.

Wor Lass and The Child keep falling out today so I’m peace-keeping until bedtime.

I’ll probably have a beer and try to watch a film after that.


What time is your normal dinner/tea time?

  • Before 5 (what?!?)
  • 5-6
  • 6-7
  • 7-8
  • 8-9
  • 9-10
  • After 10

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About 6 if we eat with Jimbo, about 8.30 if we don’t (I.e. after bedtime is all done)

Evening folks, day off here. Chopped some wood, took the dogs on a long hike. Beer store run in a bit. Pre-gaming until I head over a buddies for Pats/Rams NFL game this evening, getting picked up and everything. Decadence.

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Somewhere between 6.30 and 7.30, normally earlier on my weekends.

About 5.40 if we’re eating with kiddo (probably once a week tops). Anywhere between 7 and 8 otherwise

aim for 8, always ends up more like 830/845

Yeah, I’ve read about your cooking timings

Oh I did send a non-Secret Santa Christmas present to a DiSer today, so that was a good thing.

this sounds like a fucking good day :+1:

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sounds v ominous

(was only 20 mins later than expected last time)

thought i had more food in… i’ve got cabbage and mince



Baked potato with fixings for food, gonna go get a normal beer (only have weird stuff in rn), watch a film of some kind … maybe Addams Family Values? And an Angel over dinner ofc as is the new routine

Down to last few presents to buy as well! Should be all done by the end of Saturday, which feels pretty nice