It's Thursday night!

Alright? Had a pretty relaxed day. My new car has a CD player so been going through my old wallets of about 750 cds which has been fun. Gonna have to start a thread to identify the ones I can’t remember what they are without any clues on the disc though.

Spam, waffles and beans for tea, trashy TV and a beer or two. But how about you?

Oh also:

Alright? Walked to the chemist to pick some stuff up. Probably the first ‘normal’ thing I’ve done in over a year. Waited outside for ages, my hayfever got really bad and they didn’t have a part of it so need to go for round two tomorrow.

Dunno whether to make something for tea or have pizza. Was planning on having pizza tomorrow night, but…

Having a couple of solo beers. Then up the road to make some dinner and listen to records whilst drinking some wine perhaps………although maybe more beer.:thinking:

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Watching the electric wizard competition until the computer games expo stream starts.

Dr Mrs Epimer has a friend coming over to sit in the garden and I should probably go say hello at some point, but on the other hand that would require putting trousers on, so

Actually might have another for the road :thinking:

  • Pizza tonight and again tomorrow
  • Cook something tonight (dunno what I’ve got in)

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I can’t be sure but I might just have called the person asking if I wanted another drink ……mum. :grimacing::thinking::laughing::grimacing:


Mad how taking a day off work and actually doing something nice for yourself can make you feel better.

I am 27 in less than 2 weeks and thought this was 100% necessary.


Might need a belated hair of the dog.

Sausages and roast veg for dinner.

Surprised this opportunity has been missed


Maybe nobody wanted to talk about it anymore.


Tuna spaggers it is.

Had tuna melt for late lunch/dinner, superb, but now I have stomach ache.

I’m having pizza for tea that I got “in case I get ill from the jab and can’t cook” (I’m fine)

Having a small glass of red and listening to Spoon

just realised i’ve not had a tuna melt in eons and now i want one

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did sean say what the big discourse news was or are we still waiting

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It’s the only time celery is truly welcome in my life (well, apart from in some form of stew). Chopped up really tiny for that lovely crunch.

Didn’t have any in because I refuse to buy an entire bouquet of celery for one stick. Replaced it with capers though, a fine understudy.

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Evening everyone!

Had a croquettes, carrots, broccoli, leek and vegie sausage dinner. Cheese on the croquettes of course.

No plans tonight beyond finishing the online shop and perusing jumpsuits.

Clammy as but can’t open any windows as Vs hayfever is off the scale. Might just wander the garden.

Just realised I’ve never had a tuna melt.