it's thursday now

got a sofa arriving any minute, apparently. wbu

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Half day because childcare issues. Taking B out in the backpack for a walk. Starting work at 5 is rubbish though

My day has started well

At work, got a fairly uneventful day ahead, some drinks journalist is coming for a tour, then there’s a real tour so won’t finish til late but other than that pretty routine I reckon.


last day at work before long weekend

good number of things to do but nothing stressful, so should be an ideal sort of last day

zero plans beyond that. might scour the cinema for something tonight


Meetings all morning.

Morning loves! :coffee:

Up bright and breezy cause my downstairs neighbour is away for work and he’s asked me to let a potential buyer into their flat. He’s hoping the current landlord will sell to another landlord so they don’t get evicted and I can’t help but think he’s asked me to be the one to let them in so I can… put them off? Cause I’m the weird upstairs neighbour?? I really like him so maybe I’ll go a bit… odd? Not too over the top obviously but say something like “I throw spiders out of the window”, which is true. I want him to stay he’s the only other one who does the bins!


Going on my mini holiday :relieved:

Going to get a cab to the station once my nails are dry so I’ve time to buy pina and a train feast. On the train for almost 7 hours and then a taxi the other end, I’m not prepared for how much snacking this will entail.

Really enjoying my book and looks like its about the length of my journey :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:t3:


What are you reading?

It’s my grandma’s funeral today. A deeply upsetting affair, no doubt.

HOWEVER, my profoundly weird uncle has made all of the arrangements. Apparently at the wake we’re having curry and chips. Nothing lightens the mood better than comedic catering choices.


The Bell by Iris Murdoch

I liked this on thr back of it but as much as its gothic and mentions a spooky bell in a lake i think its actually more about sex and religion. I’m not too sure but i love the style and setting right from the off

Books to give you hope: The Bell by Iris Murdoch | Iris Murdoch | The Guardian


Good Morning Party People!

It’s just another Thursday here - still shorts weather surprisingly, and it might even be nice enough for me to go for a bike ride at lunchtime.

Most surprisingly, we’ve got a supermarket delivery this morning and there are NO substitutions or short dated items. Makes me feel lucky - should I go and buy myself a lottery ticket?

Back on the cardamon croissants, my god


Hope it goes as well as it can :heart:


where ya training off to?

jealous, had meant to organise one for myself this weekend and just … totally failed to. So now it’s a long weekend of no plans! (nice, but not as nice as getting to Belfast or Copenhagen ffs)

Accidentally put too much sugar in my coffee :face_vomiting: (had coffee granules on the teaspoon and didn’t want them to end up in the sugar so just tipped the sugar but didn’t do it very well)

One of my greatest pals is flying over from Sweden today and I am extremely fucking excited.

Oh also:

Mum’s flat exchanged! Praise be!

Trying to buy freehold for my own flat is irritating and slow but getting there

Got some dece NYE plans shored up so feeling happy


Well that’s my work for the day sorted!


Pembrokeshire :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


ffs man

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There’s always room for a JP. You can sleep in the hot tub.