It's Thursday now

A few days ago, Christmas seemed to be approaching so quickly, but now it feels an age away. Time’s a funny thing, eh?

Anyway, I’m off today, but back at work tomorrow, so I’m not done just yet. HBU?



I feel like it’s the other way round - I keep feeling a little glum that we’re over two-thirds through December.

However, today is my last day of work for the year, so that’s something.


Last day of work today before nearly two weeks off, except I didn’t pace myself and haven’t really left myself anything to do

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In work, going for a few pints and then to see my pal play as a support in town later. Will leave before the headliner as I really hate their singer.

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Facebook has just reminded me that it’s six years since I bumped into Superhans at a fancy butchers near me



No plans today. Still full of snot and cold which is very annoying.

Weather is that grey drizzle. Kids won’t be up until lunchtime. Should probably wrap their presents. :person_shrugging:

got loads of meetings today which sucks. curry later though with some atds so looking forward to that

have fun out there

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Had to come into work at 7.30 to sign some paperwork before some auditors arrived and now I’ve done all my work for the day. Got to do a tour this afternoon then go and do the big shop, just want to go home and eat crisps all day tbh.

Morning :wave:

It’s my last day of work too. I need to go to the supermarket again later as I couldn’t get everything yesterday. Other than that, no real plans.

Morning all

I’m down with the sickness (a-wah-ah-ah-ah). Pray for me, I’m due to go to the theatre on Saturday and there’s still Xmas shopping to be done



Shattered. Didnt fall asleep till around 2am cause of horrendous toothache, then been awake since 6.30am so feel rubbish. Need to wrap Christmas presents, pack for all 3 of us and go to an emergency dental appointment at 12pm so feeling a bit stressed. Going to finish my coffee then crack on as ill be needing leave at 11am as of course my dentist is 19 miles away and the fuel light came on in the car yesterday.:expressionless: Ughhhhh.


For some reason I decided to borrow a car club car and do the big Xmas shop before work this morning - frazzled from the rush and now there is loads of shopping everywhere

Always manage to simultaneously think I’ve got too much and also not enough

Hoping for a really dead day at work, got no more meetings today so fingers crossed

Is there a countdown to Christmas hometime theead?

7hours 25minutes

The 9am meeting I got up for got cancelled at quarter to. I’m obviously delighted.

Might use the spare hour to do this year’s read through of this thread

Got a briefing session at 3. If that goes smoothly that’s it for the year. If it doesn’t there could be work in between Christmas and New year.


Morning, work again and got an important meeting around job changes that really not in the mood for but once that’s done hoping it’ll be quiet.

Out for a fancy meal with a friend tonight, which is what we do instead of presents. Looking forward to it and will probably start looking at the menu shortly.

Have got two kids for the next 24 hours and i need to pick up a cherry pie from town amd get it back with them in tow :face_with_peeking_eye: then heading to heaton park for the light festival. Should wrap presents tonight too.


I’ve woken up in a good mood today :blush:

Gonna do some pilates :woman_cartwheeling: and hope work is more quiet than yesterday.

Thinking about growing out my fringe but I feel like I look really weird without it…

  • Fringe forever!
  • Grow it out, you can always cut it back in

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Still got A LOT of shopping to do today

But at least I know what I’m going for and where to get it, should be done in a couple hours if I plot my route well

Ears not even ringing after the gig last night, ear plugs are great eh


Pain au choc breakfast also

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This morning I’ll be mainly building a bed