It's Thursday nudge nudge wink wink

yep, 1:30 till 3:00 I’d be better off doing literally anything rather than try and force myself to write a report or presentation or stare at a goddam spreadsheet. Can just about manage some emails and research/report reading

New user so be nice


Off to wfh

Hope I’m not late!

Morning all.

In work helping to run an exam in a football stadium all day. The exam is not on football. I’m in full PPE and feeling weird. I’ve been indoors eating cake for a year I’m not prepared for this. Anyone who does this day in day out is an absolute hero.

Hope you’re all well.


i took my car to the mechanic. i really like him. had an ice tea for breakfast. will now lie in bed with laptop on my chest and eyes closed

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oh need to put my paint brushes in the washing machine

are you (like me) another one of those people who wakes up 3 minutes before the alarm goes off, without fail, every single time, no matter what time the alarm is set for?

At least 3 minutes.

Usually about 15-20, which in a way is quite nice because its kind of like getting a bit of a lie in.

But yes, I seem to have my own alarm clock in my head.

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I don’t think I even have a sleep disorder, I simply hate consciousness (and work)


Fucked it by not getting out of bed for a shower before the morning meeting.

I KNEW me and @aboynamedgoo were the best.

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In any just world being allergic to reality would be a recognised condition

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this is a lovely poem


Today is going to be mainly filled with me doing absolutely fuck all and then feeling guilty for doing absolutely fuck all


I’m pretty much get up and get on with it BUT I have fallen into a really bad habit of starting my day scrolling through my phone which kinda sets up the day from a bad place tbh. Need to knock that on the head, sometimes it can be up to an hour if I wake up a bit earlier. Grim.

Do the most fun thing you can manage/ afford - get pissed through the day or something.

That’s killer, reckon phone scrolling is one of the worst ways to start a day. Find it harder to stop scrolling at night - can mindlessly scroll, taking nothing in at all, for hours.


Phone scrolling in the morning helps me wake up enough to convince myself to get out of bed.

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i tried something last night for the first time in a long time - which is actively removed myself from my mobile phone and read a magazine and drank some cold water.

my heart rate dropped 20 points within about 10 minutes, was incredible to watch.


I read Politico’s Playbook email to try and wake myself up. It achieves the waking up goal, but sadly not at reducing the ‘ohhh but I’m so toasty and comfortable’ feeling :sob: