It's Thursday: The Thursday Thread (for Thursday)

Hi troops, hope you’re all well. Got an incredible nights sleep in a really shitty hotel. Like, the bathroom felt like a gym changing room in a 1980s swimming pool, the room had holes in the wall, and the telly was about the size of a GameGear. It was unfathomably shit, and I considered getting a second hotel. But the bed was unbelievable.

Shit hotel thread potential maybe.

Going to be here for a few hours more before a trip home and back to the family and, to be honest, I cannot fucking wait.

What’s the score with you lot then?


£270 for a return to London. 6.40 cancelled so now there’s loads of people stood up on the 7am. Absolute state

This week is destroying me. Saw Oren Ambarchi in a weird restaurant venue yesterday which was quite fun. Someone was eating a massive seafood platter in the corner.


I had a shorty nights sleep in an ok/decent hotel. Although the a/c is broken and that didn’t help as it’s a bit warm.

I’m still in the bed and I have meetings that start in an hour and a half. I should get started.

I’ve realised my terrible sleep this week has probably been caused by the two week hangover I get every year from clock’s changing.

I’m going to eat some toast and get ready for work.

Have felt really dodgy the last few days. Really sore throat and feel dizzy when waking up and walking around the bed. Have to use my voice most of the day (loudly) and then have a FOUR HOUR parents eve from 4pm til 8pm.

I dont want to speak at all today :frowning: kill me now

I have gymmed and will have soon showered and porridged.

This evening I am going to an exhibition opening and for dinner at The 78, I am very much looking forward to this.

Big fan of the 78.


Same! Shout out to @Unlucky for bringing it into my life.


Went for a run, forgot to take a key, had to ask a stranger to borrow their phone to get my girlfriend to come back and let me in. Now I am very cold and my girlfriend is (with reason) pissed off at me.


Off down South today, train’s an hour earlier than I thought which is a bit annoying as I’m nowhere near ready.

Any laptop nerds here? I’ve noticed when I google things I get the search term in the search bar, followed by “Mr+Coffe+Frapp” WTF? Is it hacked? I used a Costa wifi connection last week, could it be since that? It’s on Chrome.

(When I google penoids for example I get this: penoids - Google Search)


No work today. I’m about to take me leaky car to the garage. Then hopefully meet a couple of friends for a ride. Then decorating

at work. blasting ‘lift to experience’.

that’s all I’ve got.

Ah I haven’t been since the summer need to rectify that

Have you been to the CCA for food? Its just reopened.

Yeah, me too. I’ve either struggled to wake up when the alarm’s gone off or been awake at 5am. Really wish they’d stop doing it.


Excellent, didn’t realise this.

Was driving in town last week and got stuck in a loop trying to get out thanks to Sauchiehall St closed and the motorway shut.

Nope, but I’ve just looked at the menu and it looks incredible! Gonna have to pay it a visit.

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It’s enough.


At fairly short notice I’m having to head up to York next week. As such this morning will be spent frantically trying to work out what to do with the dogs while I’m away.

WFH - really quiet week due to Diwali