It's Thursday, the twenty first day of November

Happy Thursday!

WFH today. Already had a call with China at 7am, so I’m just stopping for breakfast. Hopefully nobody else is make a daily thread at the same time as me.

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Anyway, my sociopath colleagues have called meetings at 12 and 1, so I guess I’m having a late lunch then. It’s Primal Scream at the Dome tonight, so that should be ace.


On a train to Aberdeen with a Pret filter.

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Was gonna post about the forum is good for reminding you who’s on tour, then I looked at the Glasgow date is sold out, I hate this forum.


Can’t believe November is nearly over

Just what I came here to post!

Deadline for donations: 11am

Absolute deadline for submitting prize forms: 3pm

If you miss the latter deadline it will be a much bigger pain for you than it will for me as you will not have access to the convenient and easy to fill in prize form and will have to do things manually instead.

Also, if you want in but don’t have the funds to donate today please get in touch and we can sort something out :+1:


Actually managed to wake up on time this morning, let’s go Thursday!

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I can’t believe it’s still dragging on and there’s still nearly ten days of it left

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After a slow start to the month work-wise I need all 10 of those bad boys, so for me it’s a good thing

Yeah, I probably do too tbh

Just seems a long time between paydays rn (though it pretty much always does)

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Gonna do one on behalf of @barleysugar today
I asked him what prizes he wants and he said “football manager” so I’m gonna just enter him in to the lush products one so I have double chance of winning that obv


Seems unusually dark today


Thought I’d accidentally left an hour too early or something


Go on then, how moral are you all? Everyone here should be scoring 10/10 right? (6/10 here)

4/10. I’m on a different plane of existence to the norms, man.

What psychopaths are throwing away clothes after a few wears


7/10 :angel:

are latex gloves clothes

I bought a jumper in Muji in Sydney when I was on holiday back in January. It got washed wrong and is only fit for the bin now.

(conversely, I’m currently wearing a Screamadelica tee shirt which is well over twenty years old so :man_shrugging:)

Me in my wedding dress