It's Thursday, the twenty first day of November

Done it! Good luck @barleysugar

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I am very hungover please send me thoughts and prayers.

4/10 :metal:

5/10, there must be something wrong with the quiz.

Morning all!

Listened to Penance Soirée by Icarus Line for the first time in ages on my commute. It’s better than I remembered.

I’ll spend my morning avoiding doing anything productive while I fanticise about being offered redundancy. I have a short set of speaking assessments to do this afternoon and then my final evening class of this year later.

7/10 and I talk in the cinema!!

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4/10 - I’m a bad person.

6/10. We all skived off work for personal time (sleeping with a celebrity), riiiight?

i really wanted to make a biting satirical point about the BBC being the arbiters of morality but couldn’t quite muster it

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I’m trying to get to Middlesbrough for a funeral but the train keeps getting later and later… If it gets another 10 minutes later then I’m gonna be late. For fuck’s sake.

I got 5/10 and rather disagree with a lot of their supposed moral compass.



Probably losing a point because I listen to Phil Spector, and I don’t think looking at porn in a relationship is a bad thing

Morning champs. Got a bit more sleep last night but was a bit hepped up in goofballs so feeling a tinge of hangover today. I just want to go home and put my trotters up :disappointed:

Coincidentally that is minus 7 points


Someone who exists instead.


4 and a half hour meeting today :expressionless: through lunchtime :dizzy_face:

i assumed ‘not a moral issue’ was the same as saying yeah i do it


WHY! Why do people put in lunchtime meetings

“oh, I could see that people were free at that time” Yeah, that’s because they’re eating their lunch, you dimwit!

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Slightly frustrating quiz, which I’m sure was deliberate so people talk about it

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What does the letter say?