It's Thursday today.

Alright? Wasson today then? Got a busy day at work ahead then dropping my car off at the garage for a couple of repairs and coming home to make burgers. Hope you all have smashing Thursdays.


Playing badminton, after work not all day.


Blarg. Have woken up to a text from a pal I was hanging out with on Tuesday that he’s tested positive.

No symptoms for me yet and lateral flow kit is negative thus far but the best move would be booking a PCR right?

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Busy wee day ahead.
I have taken tomorrow off. :+1:
Gonna put some coffee on. :+1:


I’m on a boat!


I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

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Happy to answer any questions or send more boat pics. Spoiler: there is a lot of water.

Morning tr00ps, sorry @xylo hope that all is well and @Funkhouser burger sound very good frankly. discovered the Coop GRO Veggie/Vegan burgers and they’re pretty good, not that you were asking for a veggie recomendation.

There’s a thread in that actually.

Anyway, not so busy day today personally, but loads of work on that I need to keep cranking on. Got a few meetings to arrange and a few folk to tak to about procedures etc etc.

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Seems like it’s been weeks since I felt refreshed after a night’s sleep. Instead I’m getting incrementally tireder every day including weekends.

Got a meeting this morning about getting some part time work which would free some of my time to spend working with my own clients, kind of a stepping stone towards setting up my own business. Fingers crossed what they’re offering can work for me.


Morning all!

Got something being delivered this morning then hopefully time for a quick dog walk and a bike ride.

Going to the Back to Backs this afternoon, so that should be interesting

Quite mad to think that they existed almost until the 70s - my mom lived in one until she was 7 years old!

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Got a zoom call thing so naturally my digestive system is mounting a coup

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Dr Mrs Epimer’s parents are coming round to sit in the garden, which in my imo is a very good use of one of my precious annual leave days

Morning folks. Having a lil hot water with lemon… Such a good way to start the day.

Fitbit tells me I got ten hours sleep which is pretty joyous.

Fuck today

Was so fixated on covid situation I brushed my teeth with charcoal shower gel (my toothpaste is also charcoal) Took me a couple seconds to understand why the taste was so bad.


like I swear I didn’t eat this much yesterday

what the hell

funnily enough i was reading some article the other day that said hot water with lemon is a way better way to start the day than with coffee or tea.

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Going to the sculpture park

Wearing my jumpsuit which has shrunk a little in the wash so bit precarious with the button situation tbh.

Sure it’ll be FINE.


i went to McDonalds with my friend last night and was chanting (quiet so the staff couldn’t hear me so not obnoxious) “where’s my bun? where’s my bun?” finding this funny “where’s my bun”

meals are called buns now.

the yorkshire one? the hole in the ceiling in the deer house freaks my :peanuts:

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