It's Thursday today.

Yes that one!

Very excited to combine two of my favourite holiday activities, long walks and culture.


Thing is, much as needing to quarantine sucks today… eyes recording gear

lil bit fuzzy today. gonna walk it off around sale water park which looks nice. going out in town tonight and gonna try not to go to bundobust again but can’t make any promises.

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Oh shit just looked at menu :drooling_face:

off for a coffee and walk round the country park with a friend in a bit, which is nice


I mean, absolute worst case scenario, you make someone’s day



i’d like to be doing that this morn. :+1:


you can come with if you want!

Both my morning meetings have been cancelled, but i got some in the afternoon. The stomach has been quietened somewhat, but still quakes resound - deep in the weird Eurorack of my digestive system

Morning Ivor, all :wave:

The sun is finally out here so thats nice, and i’ve noticed loads of the blackberries on the wild blackberry bushes in the garden are ready for picking so excited to do that. Might make some blackberry vodka and some blackberry jam. Currently drinking a big coffee, had a tasty breakfast of porridge with chopped up peach. WFH today, as always.

However, bit grumpy as my skin has gone terrible - combination of not removing make up/not drinking enough water so need to sort that.


Oh no I want a steam deck oh no

Oooh blackberry vodka, so nice!

Always forget that they come in August. Not really an autumn thing are they??

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Good news! The pre-orders are all gone anyway

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omg same

are you… my brother?

The weston restaraunt there’s nice for a coffee and a sandwich

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@Unlucky, are you or ain’t you heavy

I could be but that is unrelated to badminton.

Was woken up by wasps again this morning.

so here’s one for the things you just realised thread – I’ve never properly listened to “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” but I’ve known of the song for well over a decade. For some reason, I have always assumed that “heavy” referred to him looking like a bit of a hard bastard; and that “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” was like “nah, he won’t smack your face in - he’s my brother, he’s actually a pretty nice guy”.