It's Thursday today.

The hedge opposite the house is all brambles and the blackberries have started appearing. Going to go and get a load once they’re a bit more full on. There’s a community garden thing at the top of the road with some apple trees too. So I intend to make some apple and blackberry crumbles ready for the winter.

There’s loads of red and white currants ready for picking up there at the moment, but no idea what you do with those tbh.

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Sure there is a statue somewhere related to this song, isn’t it about someone carrying their brother to safety as he is too tired to walk.

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lil fuzzy from another 2nd place in the quiz, also waking up at 5 doesn’t really help (and having a mezcal as my last drink in the pub, who does that??)

will try to be productive this morning, get out for some fresh air at lunch then sack off as early as is reasonably possible. Could sort out some plans for the evening but think I … won’t. In no mood for a 9pm cinema trip tonight

No they’re a funny fruit, they’re much later on than everything else. There’s tonnes this year though, i’ll try to get some photos :slight_smile: Will pick them and donate to family/friends/neighbours etc. Also have a fig tree at the front of the house but they fruit always gets attacked by wasps/bees till I can get at it, seems like such a small window to pick them.

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but first, an orange :orange_circle:

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see, I think I had some vague knowledge of this statue and thought that the guy was protecting the kid from his brother

Ooh fresh apples, lovely! Love a crumble too, that’s a great idea - I might make some crumble too (though will have to go the supermarket for apples). Oh yeh, I saw some red currents nearby when I was walking the other day but not sure what you can do with them either. Maybe like a jam? Or in some porridge/yogurt?

would love to ma man, in meetings most of the day. :weary:
next time :grinning:

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I did half an hour of Teams training and then logged out and rang one of our careers advisors to make a appointment for a careers interview.

Morning DiS,

I’m currently on my 4th call of the day. Only one more to go thankfully.

This week’s zooming by, which is good I guess since I’m on holiday next week. Lots to do before the end of the week though.

I might pop into town and spend my Resident vouchers at lunchtime. What should I get?

  • a
  • b
  • why not both?

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edit - why aren’t the link previews working? They’re showing up on the preview pane when I edit the post?

a is ESG / Come Away with ESG, b is Analog Africa : Space Echo

not sure if intentional but thread title has this stuck in my head


same here

Told Dr Mrs Epimer that I’m going to move the car so her parents can park in the driveway. Would it be top bants to instead just drive off

  • ahahahahahahahaha
  • yes but don’t

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This painted rock I spotted on the dog walk is quite appropriate for this morning


Went to bed early last night and woke up to a group text that one of my best buddies has stage 3 cancer. Absolutely gutted. He’s a stubborn bastard so I hope he fights hard, but I’m not doing well with the news. Sorry to vent.


Thoughts are with you. It’s a terrible thing to go through. Much love.


What would be even funnier is if you got back expecting an earful and none of them had even noticed you’d gone


:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Do you think wasps die when you suck them up through a vacuum nozzle or is it likely to turn into a nightmarish wasp hose next time I remove the attachment?

  • Dead
  • Nightmarish wasp hose

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