It's thursday today.


WFH today. Gonna get out of bed aaaany minute now. Do need to get up and make coffee but also dont want to move. What a dilemma.

Woss goin on?


Just left the house and it’s a GLORIOUS morning, all the right smells and sounds and I’m feeling good.

It’s also my Friday which means it’ll be busy but I’m off to Liverpool tomorrow to see my brother and niece.

Probably go to greggs for breakfast and make this a real 10/10.

I like how you’ve got a slice of cake next to your name today like you’re the only person invited to shrewbie’s party.

Tour first then a zoom as I’ll be attempting to do the school pickup which my boss has already expressed anger at me about. Hey lady, maybe don’t insist i do it on my day off then? :see_no_evil:


Looking forward to making some Tories glum by voting today. Not that they have any actual feelings etc

Baffled by Piers Morgan’s petty attacks on Tim Burgess

About to spend all day in back to back video calls :sob:

Hey everyone

Confidence Man were AMAAAAZING last night, lots of v sweaty dancing

Quite a busy work day already underway and I’ve got therapy mid day. Very much looking forward to doing nowt tonight


Hi. Woke up feeling EXHAUSTED. Awful way to start a day, really.

Pick up my new tent

Urrrrrgggghhhhhh slept badly so would like about four more hours sleep. Might work from bed for a bit.

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Going on a stomp round the woods


Spending the day in bed, might get a burrito bowl delivered but at the same time might not. I’m listening to the Cocaine Blunts mixes of non rap stuff, it’s very comfy

I started reading book 2 of that Knausgaard memoir series last night, so might continue with that today also. Hopefully get to pet the cat as well.

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also a bonus of going to pick up my tent is its next door to a super enormo dome ASDA so I’ll have a mooch about that and look for some random sweets/crisps my local doesnt stock.

also payday today :man_dancing: :dancer:


Calling in sick for a second day. Our companies sickness scheme makes the second and third days freebies as far as I can tell. Something to do with their definition of ‘incidents of sickness’. HR, if you’re reading this I am actually sick I promise.

Still buzzing from Confidence Man last night. What a gig!

I’ve got the opticians at lunchtime which I’m going to combine with some other errands and maybe ten minutes on the beach, which ought to be mandatory on days like today


Right best get to bed


Been out with the dog and put some washing on.

Got a KIT meeting at work in a bit, so will have a steady cycle in via the polling station and a nice coffee shortly.

In the office and I’m pretty sure everyone just heard me fart in the bathroom because I can really clearly hear them talking.


Collecting voter numbers outside the polling station. It’s awkward. I’ve got a rosette on ffs. An old man called me a “bloody liberal” though which made me laugh


In the office. None of my team are ever in the office when I am in the office. Why am I in the office?

Morning all.

Weird day for work today as three quarters of my colleagues are working at polling places. So lots of things that I need responses on are having to wait for a day. Not helping on the motivation front.

5 a side is a 8 instead of 9, so will need to be a bit sharper with getting dinner sorted this evening.

Waiting in hospital for a blood test. They’ve been calling a single name to phlebotomy for so long now, that I’m beginning to question if my name is not actually Lynette.