It's thursday



Good morning everyone.

What does today have for you? I’ve got a stupid day at work then having dinner with my dad later. hbu?


got a work call at 1030 then going round to my friends this afternoon then going for drinks in a bar with my friends. also gonna read and might go to the gym. :cat2:


That sounds like a fine day!


Got an oral advocacy assessment this morning. My opponent is that one person you get on every course who’s been slowing it down for everyone with incessant show offy question asking.

Need to destroy him.


I was supposed to be going onto plant today but I just fell over my dog and feel like I might have broken my foot.

I could never get the hang of Thursdays.


Going back to the NorthEast this evening for the weekend. I’ve been in Glasgow a week and its been pretty relaxed - a good introduction to the city.


Take him down!


Oh Sheeldz.

I’m at work until 5, then I’m going home. That’s as far as I’ve gone in terms of plans.


good morning all


Good morning!!!

Just in the queue at the post office. Early work do early home today, yay!

Got my parents staying tomorrow night before a Gatwick flight so probably should make the flat look presentable this evening :unamused:


Been at work since 7.30 waiting for the beer delivery that could arrive any time between then and 10.30, my guess at the moment is 8.50. I’ve already done pretty much all the jobs I need to do before opening time so will be mostly listening to music loud on the pub speakers and pooing in the ladies toilet.


I’m heading to the minor injury unit in Keswick. Wish me luck.


I’ve got an eye appointment at 3, then meeting some ex-bandmates to go to a pub and maybe an open mic. Fun times.


Best of luck, @sheeldz


I am at the docs to talk more about my new found IBS. Yay

Then I will go home to sleep some more and rest. I am MEGA bored and lonely. Been at home all week with limited human contact.


I’m at work. Classic me.



nice cushions tho mate


i’m at the dentist this morning, waiting to go in for a filling. then off to work to look at/play with giant spreadsheets until i can’t see properly anymore.


got a skype interview today
hate skype interviews


on the plus side, you don’t need to wear trousers for a skype interview…