It's Thursday


On my way to the orthodontist to get my teeth tampered with :grimacing:

Think I need to hold off wearing this duffle coat for another couple months because I am sweating on this bus :sweat:

Get well soon pn!! :bouquet:
Happy birthday ssf :birthday:

I always feel like I look so scaffy no matter how much effort I put in to what I’m wearing. It’s annoying. Anyone else feel like this? There’s just always a slight look of ramshackle about me. Im sat next to someone who looks v. Stylish.

oh fuck picking up my new reverb pedal this morning as well just in time for band practice at 10. it’s a christmas miracle :star_struck:


Have a 10% cold where the symptoms have been bubbling away under the surface for a few days now. Keep expecting it to erupt into a full blown nightmare cold but doing ok so far.


yeah same, feel like i’ve been fighting it off for days. think i’m over the worst of it.

why haven’t we cured the common cold yet ffs

I feel like that at weddings in particular. It’s not like I’m trying to be scruffy: it’s just that my shirt ends up untucked and my tie is askew. (Mrbean.jpg)

Almost illing, not quite there.
I bought a thingy of hand gel sanitiser to use after public transport etc because I am determined to not get ill again this winter. The last one was so rough. Anyway, I went out on Tuesday night, had a few beers and forgot to sanitise after getting the bus home. Obviously. Now the back of my throat is all gratchy.

Yeah, exactly! Me too. :confused:

In my old job I was initially sitting with the design department, felt quite at home then they moved me to sit near the accounts section which consisted of a lot of very preened and beautiful women. Like they were all model stunning and I felt like a dumpy little troll in comparison. Ach well.

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Serious answer, we probably never will cure it, for sciencey reasons.


Morning. At work, not working yet, contemplating second breakfast and coffee, feeling relatively healthy.


Happy birthday man! x

Happy birthday @stupidsexyflanders :confetti_ball::tada::birthday:

I’m still in bed because I drove 400 miles last night and I cba working from home today. Nothing else exciting to report.


Probably cos of all the emotions.

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^ secretly hates @saps

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Aww pniks get well soon! :sparkling_heart:

I’m off to Birmingham later to meet another client. Really is a baptism of fire this week - got so overwhelmed/exhausted/hungry I cried all the way home cos I was worried I couldn’t hack it! Hopefully that’s just a wobble and I’ll be ok. Really looking forward to a lie-in tho, jeez

Did it arrive when it was meant to?


CBA m8


Also: GW soon knickers x