It's Thursday

My alarm didn’t go off.

Dunno what I’ve got going on today tbh.


Morning mush. Hope you had a great :bike: holiday. Looked amazing.

Gonna find out more about that transfer today and meeting @profk for a :beer: later after work finishes


morning cha(um)ps

been up since 4.30. dreadful! done a lot of admin, tidying etc, so not wasted time.

gonna hit a MASSIVE wall around 11am I reckon. looking forward to it

Had fun at Slowdive last night. Sore throat gradually on the mend but still preeeetttty tired this morning.
TV decided that, having woken me up with her regular alarm, she was going to take an extra 30 mins in bed and get a later train. Hmmmmm.

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Such great news about that job m39.

Holiday was good but it would have been better if there’d been someone at the top of the mountain to greet me, huh.

God, I’d better ride to work now.


poor form that!

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I’m still in bed (I shouldn’t be)

Weather forecast for this weekend :open_mouth::sunny:

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I know! It’s like Summer II in Winter I


Hiya pniks hello everyone!

Waiting for a food shop to be delivered. It’s meant to get here between 8-9. Last time it didn’t turn up till after 9. I’m expecting the same. God what a boring opening sentence.

@Matt_was_taken :wave:

Have you ever posted a photo of yourself on here? I have a very clear image of you in my mind! You have a beard.

Morning. Having coffee and cereal. In the studio doing :guitar: today. That’s about all I’ve got going on today.

Have had nearly 10 hours sleep. Unreal. Still ill :mask:

I’ve politely asked her to try and plan workday lie-ins ahead of time. No jazz lie-ins when I can’t share in them!

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A DiSer… with… a… beard…


but think of all the food you’ll have! (then if you’re like me you’ll order a takeaway)

not of my face I haven’t no. What style of beard do I have? what colour is my hair? am I pretty?

Heard a loud bang in the night, didn’t hear anything else so just went back to bed.

Went to leave the house this morning and the glass in our front door is all shattered. :grimacing:

actually can you draw me!

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You have no beard.


Laying in bed watching old Louis Theroux documentaries

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A big bushy beard, not scruffy tho, and then shortish hair but not very short, and a bit wavy. Your hair colour is the same as your avatar. No glasses.

How’d I do? :smiley: I predict waaay off.