It's Thursday


Laying in bed watching old Louis Theroux documentaries


A big bushy beard, not scruffy tho, and then shortish hair but not very short, and a bit wavy. Your hair colour is the same as your avatar. No glasses.

How’d I do? :smiley: I predict waaay off.


I’ve experimented a bit with facial hair each time I go to our SF office (because the TV finds it itchy when we canoodle if I don’t shave). I have pretty decent coverage, but about 2/3 of my facial hairs are borderline transparent. It’s the strangest thing - if you were to stroke my face, you would feel a beard, but you can’t see it. Anyway, that’s why I don’t have a beard.


:smiley: I do not wear glasses :slight_smile:


I get this!!! By day it is invisible but by the light of the full moon I have a full beard. lycanbeard.


sounds completely reasonable my man!



By which I mean rearranging a bunch of my penoid cards while shoogling the mouse once every ten minutes and sending short emails at 8.30 (done), 11.30, 3.00, and 5.00.


You got that mouse tracker thing that some places use to monitor their employees?


Dunno, but I do it to stop Skype setting me away.


Hello Thursday


Come into my li-i-i-i-i-i-i-iiiiiiiife


I’m going to listen to Neil Young for most of the day.


Morning all. Got a ton of work through yesterday but no sign of weekend work yet, got everything crossed that nothing comes in. If I have to miss the TV’s 30th birthday party that I’m throwing myself on Saturday I’ll be devastated.


Taps aff!


Couple of meetings this morn then train to laahndan later to go see beck, canny wait :grinning::+1:


skype is shit as fuck now


Sleeping like an absolute log at the moment m9s, really into it. Got one of those eve mattresses the other day so I’m putting it down to that. Genuinely can’t remember the last time I woke up on 2 consecutive days by my alarm going off.

Gotta go to Screwfix later, fucking love all that shit at the moment too. Decorating’s boring but at least there’s a modicum of creativity, something that is sorely lacking in my work life most of the time.


Prefer Toolstation myself. Our local has a free drinks machine :ok_hand:


You’re a toolstation m9.


I seem to have pulled a muscle in my eye ball. Has anyone done this? I can barely move my eyeball to give side eye.

@witches you asked me yesterday about gym clothes but I couldn’t reply!
I’m a nike bitch.
I only ever wear crops like this (I have this one)

and leggings like this
(not pink but I have black and khaki)