It's Thursday


It’s Friday because I booked tomorrow off for the geburtstag like a child :grinning:

Mrs stack and mini stack are meeting me for lunch which is a real treat, overall feeling much better than I have done the last few weeks as I’ve cleared loads of stuff at work and an ongoing issue here has pretty much cleared up which is great. So I’m cream crackered but happy.

Got to sort lpa’s for the grandparents. And make a claim on the home insurance for my phono stage.

Listened to slayer on the way in, sorted me right out.


Morning all, feels well quiet here when the nieces are at nursery. Don’t think the youngest recognised me :frowning:

Slowdive were great last night. Got to a couple of bars I’d not been to before which was good. Was starting to feel a bit sleepy by the end.

Today got nothing on, might do some work so I don’t have to do it whilst hungover on Sunday.

Probs going through to Leeds again to meet a friend. Any new recommendations for food?


The Cat’s Pyjamas on Headrow is pretty good, it gets busy though


Ha friend said specifically not there as they went there the other day. Might just go to mythai as not been in ages.


Just gotted into work. I can see myself getting keyboard rage today. The noisy clicking when the lady next to me types is properly grousing my gander already. I’ve been sat down for three minutes.

Otherwise, little to report. Work, maybe a visit to the pub on the way home - we’ll see about that.


What Slayer did you listen to? Good to hear you’re feeling better too F_Stacks!


Morning all. Feeling freah today. Went to see an improv hip-hop instrumentals show last night. Was fucking amazing. Stayed over in the TV’s house and had a leisurely stroll home through the city this morning.

Had an interview for an office drone position yesterday. Starting on the 23rd of this month so KG is back in employment!




I always book my birthday off. I don’t want to spend that shit with my colleagues!




My start date is my birthday. Don’t mind though as it’s a Monday and I wasn’t going to do anything that day anyway.


more of a stout man, myself


Mate that’s cracking news. I know you’ve been looking for a while so I’m properly thrilled for you - hope it opens a lot of doors for you.

Does this cement a U.K. trip?!


morning gang

got a really stiff neck - think I did the shoulder stand wrong at Yoga on Monday (i.e. I balanced on my neck instead of my shoulders, but I was really trying not to)

WFH today - might go for a bike ride at lunchtime. That’s all I got


Thanks man! It’s hopefully a short term position while I wait for a position to open up elsewhere but it’ll give me money to do a lot of things.

Yep, will be visiting the UK quite a bit over the next while! London towards the end of November, Sheffield in February and back to London after that!


Take in cakes, you’ll be employee of the month in no time.


^Brown noser


Thanks fella :pray:t4: I get a bit stuck in my own head so sometimes I have to suss out how much of my prospective issues are real and how much is paranoia, in this instance it was both. Both sides addressed anyway :grinning:

Seasons in the abyss dude. Classic.


Ooh got a good thread idea.


off to norway